Christina Tosi Takes on Peeps

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

Christina Tosi in her element. Photo credit: Daniel Krieger

Peeps, Robin’s Eggs, and malted milk balls. Those are Momofuku Milk Bar brainchild Christina Tosi’s favorite springtime candies. And Tosi, famous for playful desserts such as cereal milk and crack pie and nominated for the upcoming James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award, knows about sweet treats.

But Peeps hold a special place in her heart.

“I have the most ridiculous memories of eating a pack of them before going to the dentist and being so proud that I had no cavities,” she said. “My poor mother!”

As most people who have eaten Peeps can attest, they don’t have much flavor. It’s really about the texture and, frankly, the cuteness of those little canary yellow chicks. But since we want flavor in everything, we tapped Tosi for some out-of-the box ideas. Here are five ways in which she’d deconstruct Peeps and rebuild them—into something tasty.

1. “I’d cut them up and and put them into a cookie, à la our cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow cookie, for a super colorful spring moment.” Basically, use them in place of regular marshmallows in your favorite cookie recipe

2. “I’d skewer them up and bring them to my next bonfire on the beach.” We’re already thinking about Peeps s’mores

3. “I’d melt them down and fluff them together with creamy peanut butter for a mondo fluffernutter moment.”

4. “I’d blend them into my next strawberry milkshake. Who am I kidding? I might even toast some Peeps in the oven or on the grill and forget the strawberry, using coconut in its place. Garnish the shake cup with a Peep!”

5. “I’d flatten them with the palm of my hand or a rolling pin and toast them slow and low in the oven, serving them toasted and crunchy like Peep chips. I may even use this to garnish my family’s signature chocolate peanut butter cup Easter pie!”


Peep on, readers. Peep on.

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