Joe Ferrari’s International Car Smuggling Scheme Included Large Amount Of Stolen Cars

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Investigators shared that more than half of the seized 410 luxury cars are indeed stolen.

Seized at the Thai border, law enforcement seized a large collection of luxury cars, and now they’re learning that a bulk of these cars were stolen. Ex-police station chief Pol Colonel Thitisan Uthanapol, aka Joe Ferrari, is in big trouble after the National Police chief Pol General Suchart Theerasawat reported they discovered there were stolen cars from overseas amongst the seized cars.

“Of the 270, 101 had been reported stolen before being seized and 169 were reported after being confiscated,” deputy National Police chief Pol General Suchart Theerasawat told the press.

“We also have evidence showing that other officers were also involved in this scam.

“We believe Thitisan and his gang have been confiscating smuggled luxury cars and submitting them to the Customs Department for auction after pocketing 5 per cent of the estimated price as finder’s fee.

“We are investigating to see if the buyers of these cars are also related to the gang. The investigation team should be able to file charges within November.”

Most of the cars were smuggled from Singapore and Malaysia. Joe Ferrari was initially arrested in August for attempting to extort drug suspects and suffocating one of them. After the arrest, an investigation was opened to determine how a police chief was able to live such a lavish lifestyle, and the discovery of corruption spiraled from there. The total amount of cars he was involved in smuggling is likely off the charts.

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