British Grand Prix Red Flagged for Multi-Car Crash

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Photo credit: ANP - Getty Images
Photo credit: ANP - Getty Images

The British Grand Prix has been delayed by a significant multi-car crash on lap 1, which was followed by an immediate red flag for extraction and recovery. The incident started with a fight for position in the mid-field between Pierre Gasly, George Russell, and Zhou Guanyu, but the resulting chaos eventually caught up Alex Albon, Yuki Tsunoda, and Esteban Ocon.

Replays indicate that the crash started with Russell and Guanyu battling for position in the start while Gasly tried to get in between the two, instantly spinning Russell's front-left corner into the side of Guanyu's car. That rolled Guanyu's car over, leading to an awkward tumble through the turn 1 gravel that ultimately left Guanyu's car stuck in between the energy absorbent barriers and the catch fencing after the first significant impact. The race was immediately red flagged while Guanyu was extracted from the strangely-positioned car.

Alfa Romeo leadership told the Sky broadcast that Guanyu was awake and alert throughout the extraction, but there is no other official word on the driver's health after he was extracted from the car.

The other cars were collected in an impact resulting from the crash, with Albon checking up to avoid the crash and being hit behind by an unaware Sebastian Vettel who could not see the crash ahead. Albon was then sent careening into the inside wall, then across the field. In addition to the crash, the first lap also saw protesters apparently storm the track immediately after the red flag; those protesters were removed well before the race would have restarted.

The race will resume on lap 2 and should continue for the full scheduled distance.

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