Who won Kansas City area city, school races in Clay, Platte counties? Here are results

Voters in Kansas City’s Northland on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Liberty’s proposed $60 million bond issue for a new activity center, and turned down Kearney’s pitch to impose a sales tax and issue $28 million in bonds for a new aquatic and recreation facility.

In Clay County, the Liberty ballot question, which also would have funded renovations to the city’s community center, failed with 77.3% voting “no.” And more than 69% of voters rejected the proposals in the city of Kearney, according to unofficial election results.

Also on Tuesday, voters elected a new mayor in Platte City and reelected several incumbents to area school boards.

Here are the results in some of the biggest races in Clay and Platte counties:

Platte City mayor:

Tony Paolillo: 39%

Steven Hoeger: 59.4%

Platte County school board (vote for two):

Karen Bryant: 34.2%

Kathy Schlimm: 28%

Matt Craine: 37.1%

Platte County school district ballot question:

“Shall the Board of Education of Platte County R-III School District be authorized to: (a) fully waive the Proposition Coperating tax levy roll back as provided under Section164.013 RSMo and (b) increase the operating tax levy ceiling by $0.0455 per $100 of assessed valuation according to the 2024 assessment for operating expenses of the District,including increasing compensation for employees in order to attract and retain quality faculty and staff?”

Yes: 59.4%

No: 40.6%

Park Hill school board (vote for 2):

Brandy Maltbia Woodley: 35.3%

Harrison Todd: 37.6%

Sadie Peterson: 25.2%

North Kansas City school board:

Director, one-year unexpired term:

Jan Kauk: 62.4%

Tammy McFerran: 37.6%

Director, three-year term (vote for three):

Joe Jacobs: 19.3%

Jane Rinehart: 19.6%

Brock Foley: 9%

Aryn Peters: 15.5%

Tirdad Daei: 5.6%

Susan Hines: 20.9%

Roy Copeland III: 10.1%

City of Liberty bond question:

“Shall the City of Liberty, Missouri, issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $60,000,000 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, renovating, improving, and equipping the parks and park property in the City, including without limitation (1) acquiring, constructing, and equipping an Activity Center and (2) renovating and improving the existing Community Center?”

Yes: 22.7%

No: 77.3%

Liberty school board (vote for two):

Darren Siebert: 25.6%

Jeffrey “Drew” Marriott: 35.9%

Nicholaus “Nick” Bartlow: 38.5%

Smithville mayor:

April Haddock: 21.4%

Damien Boley: 51.7%

Chelsea Dana: 20.6%

Ali McClain: 6.3%

Smithville Board of Aldermen:

Ward 1:

Kristine Bunch: 30.9%

Kelly Kobylski: 69.1%

Ward 2:

Amanda Maynes: 47.9%

Ronald (Triple R) Russell: 52.1%

Ward 3:

Marvin Atkins: 100%

Kearney Board of Aldermen:

Ward 1:

Gerry Spencer: 44.3%

Ashton King: 55.7%

Ward 2:

David W. Lehman: 57.2%

Kurt Hamilton: 42.8%

City of Kearney ballot questions:

Question 1:

“Shall the City of Kearney, Missouri issue its general obligation bonds in the amount not to exceed $28,000,000 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, furnishing, and equipping an aquatic and recreation center and related improvements?”

Yes: 30.3%

No: 69.7%

Question 2:

“Shall the City of Kearney, Missouri be authorized to impose a sales tax for park purposes of one-half of one percent for the purpose of providing funds to acquire, construct, improve, furnish, equip, operate, and maintain local park facilities,including without limitation an aquatic and recreation center,and the payment of debt service of financing obligations issued to provide funds for local park facilities?”

Yes: 30.9%

No: 69.1%

Kearney school board (vote for two):

Matthew J. Baker: 19.6%

Richard Cawthon: 18.4%

Darlene Bailey: 27.7%

Michael Joe Hickey: 6.6%

Ben Anderson: 10.7%

Chrystan Ferrell: 16.9%

Gladstone City Council (vote for two):

Spencer Davis: 31.1%

Cody McElroy: 15.7%

Mike Ebenroth: 13.5%

Jean B. Moore: 39.7%