Time to shine for QCC graduates at commencement ceremony in DCU Center

WORCESTER — Friday afternoon was Quinsigamond Community College graduates' time to shine as the college held its 59th commencement ceremony at the DCU Center.

Making it to graduation day holds special meaning to Quinsigamond Community College students, who include students from less financially secure backgrounds, older students and students who attend classes while working a full-time job or raising a family.

"Community college graduations hold a special significance," QCC President Luis G. Pedraja said. "For they represent the triumph of perseverance over adversity."

Quinsigamond Community College president Luis Pedraja congratualtes the Class of 2024 during commencement at the DCU Center on Friday.
Quinsigamond Community College president Luis Pedraja congratualtes the Class of 2024 during commencement at the DCU Center on Friday.

The resilience of the graduating students was a common theme Friday.

As the student speaker, Student Government Association Chair Dignamar Figueroa talked about her own journey to graduating as a part-time student while being a mother of two girls who became homeless right before starting at QCC.

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Dignamar Figueroa blows her two daughters a kiss as she provides student greetings during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.
Dignamar Figueroa blows her two daughters a kiss as she provides student greetings during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.

"I felt embarrassed about my situation, which made it hard to be vulnerable, speak up and ask for help," Figueroa said. "But I'm working on that and the good news is that I did not let the opportunity to go to college pass me by."

Figueroa said she started at QCC as an introvert who did not have much experience working with others. She needed to grow in her time at the college and get used to being back in school after 10 years.

While she was able to get into a shelter by her third semester of college, Figueroa said she had "mentally crashed" and needed to work on her well-being, saying QCC's resources helped her.

"The reason I opened up about myself today is to remind you that, just like me, no matter where you come from or what you went through you made it to this moment," Figueroa said.

A. new nurse displays cap pride during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.
A. new nurse displays cap pride during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.

Opeyemi Odewale, a professor of biology, recalled experiencing a "beautiful phenomenon" in QCC classrooms, students saying "thank you" as they left class. Odewale said he finally understood why students say "thank you" after a fellow faculty member shared a quote: "Teaching is the profession that makes other professions possible."

Yona Khamisi of Worcester takes a photo with fellow radiology classmates during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.
Yona Khamisi of Worcester takes a photo with fellow radiology classmates during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.

"To witness a student convey such a simple common courtesy while either coming from work, or going to work, or dealing with the challenges of life is simply a beautiful phenomenon," Odewale said.

Odewale said humans have a common call of service to each other, saying many children and young adults would tell you they want to work in jobs that can help others.

QCC Police Officer Nick Yacuzzi pets Siggy, a 7-month-old English cream golden retriever that serves as an emotional support/ community resource dog for the college, during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.
QCC Police Officer Nick Yacuzzi pets Siggy, a 7-month-old English cream golden retriever that serves as an emotional support/ community resource dog for the college, during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.

"Class of 2024, I might not know your individual purpose, but I do know this. I am confident in this, that you are important," Odewale said. "Not because you are special, but because your purpose is tied to service to others."

While the 1,244 members of the QCC graduating class took different paths to eventually get to the graduation stage Friday, Suzanne Graham Anderson, president of the Alumni Association, said the most important thing is that they were able to reach it.

"It doesn't matter the length of time that you took. It doesn't matter if it took you 10 years, two years or 30 years. What matters is that you did it," Anderson said.

Friday's commencement address was given by state Sen. Robyn Kennedy, who represents much of Worcester in the 1st Worcester District and previously served as chief operating officer of the YWCA of Central Massachusetts.

State Sen. Robyn Kennedy provides the commencement address during Quinsigamond Community College commencement at the DCU Center on Friday.
State Sen. Robyn Kennedy provides the commencement address during Quinsigamond Community College commencement at the DCU Center on Friday.

Kennedy said QCC graduates understands both the promise and hurdles of the world better than anyone.

"This moment, your graduation, signifies your capacity to transcend boundaries, to pursue excellence and to reshape not just your destiny, but the destiny of those around you," Kennedy said.

In any space, Kennedy said she has always been troubled when people who have never experienced real hurdles will often repeat the phrase "good enough."

"What defines your character is the notion that 'good enough' is simply not good enough," Kennedy said. "Now more than ever our world demands of us that we are better than good enough. Graduates of QCC, I am here to confirm that what we honor here today is your demonstration to that ideal."

Sherline Clemente of Worcester hugs Beniada Variste of Worcester during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.
Sherline Clemente of Worcester hugs Beniada Variste of Worcester during Quinsigamond Community College commencement exercises at the DCU Center on Friday.

The graduates face a world that allows for more instant connections than ever before and more dense with information, but is also one that is more divided and poorer in understanding, Kennedy said.

She said the potential the graduates have to impact the world for their communities and loved ones is even greater than the real challenges they have ahead.

Quinsigamond Community College graduates

Associate in Applied Science

Andover: Bernard Gachimu

Auburn: Cameron Szalay

Shrewsbury: Andrew Ambra

Worcester: Joshua Rivera, Brendan Roche

Associate in Arts

Auburn: Joseph Barrows, Jacqueline Cetrone

Ayer: Roberto Pagan

Bellingham: Elias Azano-Brown

Berlin: Shelby Bredbenner

Bettendorf: Rabiah Ajmeri

Bolton: Kathryn Pollastri

Boylston: Nicole Frankhauser, James Sauger

Brighton: Anna Kokocinska

Brimfield: Haileigh Chase

Brookfield: Alaina Chiminiello, Emily Pope, Emma Puishys

Charlton: Loriauna Graika, Olivia Howard, Chase McKenney, Jordyn Poirier, Michael Reardon, Hannah Sharma, Cady Stevens

Cherry Valley: Colleen DeLeo, Cilia Lannon, Tyler Munns

Clinton: Omayma Taha

Dudley: Daniel Kelley, Nicholas Ruo, Clarice Smith, Demyana Tekla

Durham: Adam Fahey

East Brookfield: Quinn Trumbull-Olsen

East Douglas: Caroline Beaird, Abigail Bonneau, Patricia Cole, Ashlinn Collins, Aidan Lynch, Lydia Paulhus-St. Laurent, Hannah Rosenkrantz, Ashley Schofield, Kylie Sullivan

Elmira: Maxwell Ober

Fiskdale: Elaina Cardenas, Carina Holt, Meaghan Stearns

Fitchburg: Jacee Bennett

Foxboro: Amanda Silva

Framingham: Jennifer Ross

Grafton: Farida Abdellateef, Audrey Ziegler

Holden: Hunter Chilton, Thomas Hayden, William McCarthy, Maria Mikhaeil, Patrick O'Donoghue, Sofia Silva-Rosa, Celia Thomas

Holland: Timothy Hagen

Hudson: Jillian Giorgio, Ariana Mace, Makenna Mace

Jefferson: MacKenzie Sarkisian

Lancaster: Devyn Wells

Leicester: Cameron O'Neill, Cassidy Saksa

Lowell: Trista Cantin

Ludlow: Amber Valley

Lunenburg: Kyra Fisher, Hunter Sicard

Marlborough: Savannah Christo, Devin Colcord, Jessenya Flores, Bethany Gould, Blake Pacific

Medway: Andrew Perella

Mendon: Christin Barnett, Drew Fleming

Milford: Joslin Pinto

Millbury: Brandon Charbonneau, Christian Donaldson, Kaylee Lauzon, Madison LeClaire, Jala Tadros

Millville: Mia Belanger

Monson: Megan Stapleton

Natick: Mackenzie Carter

North Grafton: Amanda Johnson

North Oxford: Jeremy Vargas

Northborough: Justin Whelan

Northbridge: Vivian Adams, Andrea Place, Jonathan Toloczko

Oxford: Wilfrid Fotso Tasse, William Harvey, Darrel Ramos

Palmer: Joseph Flannery, Keila Rivera

Paxton: Alexander Horton

Rutland: Abigail Baldwin, Brenda Buckley, Joseph Occhialini, Nicholas Prefontaine, Paige Pressey, Ethan Talbert, Christopher Towns

Shrewsbury: Larab Ahmed, Sarah Al-Aani, Rodrigo Cata Preta, Brittany Coleman, Jennyffer DeSouza, Caroline Menzie, Julie Murta, Luiza Saldanha

Southborough: Joshua Moses

Southbridge: Deyalanis Carrero Soto, Sherline Clemente Irizarry, Sol Cruz, Kiara Diaz, Ogochukwu Nwasolu, Caleb Powell, Caroline Rosario, Mackenzie Worthington

Spencer: Marissa Beaudin, Kayla McQueston, Rachel Perry

Sterling: Paige Sanville

Sturbridge: Patrick Lyons, Jeannette Ortiz De Ramos

Sutton: Taylor Marsh, Kyle Mendoza, Ethan Morway

Townsend: Harrison Adami-Sampson

Upton: Alexander Guertin

Uxbridge: Angela Dupuis, Solomon LeFrancois, Jeremy Lutton, Justin Meola

Ware: Tyler Guardino

Webster: Tanairi Caraballo, Joshua Dornelas, Hlaing Htoo, Elena Ralph, Solangel Ramos

West Boylston: Shaye Lacaire

West Brookfield: Emmy Foty, Jacob Gorham

West Upton: Timothy Fobes, Olyvia Kane

Westborough: Amina Akbour, Kyla Kamugu, Nicholas Kolota, Larissa Souza

Worcester: Ayaan Abdisalam, Sanaa Abdulkhader, Edrianny Acosta, Skylar Adcock, Simon Agyemang, Khadijah Ajmeri, Fatima Alhakeem, Venus Allen, Mariem Amellal, Adrianna Andino, Heleena Bandar, Brittany Bender, Melissa Bento, Colette Bernier, Rhoda Boateng, Aoife Bohan-Broderick, Chloe Botelho, Katie Brooks, Anthony Buscarino, Kirsten Collins, Styven Colon, Clarissy DaSilva, Ashvarika Dargan, Gabriel Dewey, Kelly Do, Thi Huong Do, Quynh Doan, Ngoc Duong, Nina Ferraro, Roger Flores, Stephen Foley, Jose Fraticelli, Miguel Fuentes, Amanuel Gerebet, Talissa Goncalves da Silva, Casey Hanavan, Heidi Holm, Haley Lariviere, Maria Lopez, Vy Ly, Ben Maiga, Abigail Marlborough, Jazmari Martinez, Melissa Martinez, Liam McDonald, Adael Mejia, Jaricelys Melendez, Edrian Mendez, Fatima Mohammed, Mark Mokaya, Zalea Morin, Erin Murphy, Anh Nguyen, Eurquidis Nunez Santana, Jae Orellana, Adam Plummer, Samuel Reddoch, Jermily Rivera Andino, Kassandra Rivera, Kiandra Rivera, Ariel Rodriguez, Nayelli Rodriguez, Giovanni Salerno, Gustavo Santana, Jada Schaefer-Richards, William Sheerin, Jacquilyn Smith, Rachel Storey, Joseline Tacuri Albarracin, Ivy Tartaglia, Roseline Tchoubah, Mercy Tote, Elizabeth Urban, Breanna Walker, Roberto Walker, Timothy Woods, Shawn Yeboah

Associate in Science

Ashburnham: Isabella Dupuis

Ashland: Adam Parent

Athol: Kathryn Chicoine

Atlanta: Rudy Griffin-Whyte

Auburn: Logan Alexander, Haider Alnassar, Dylan Culani, Lyndsey Delorto, Alexis Fairbanks, Tiana Germain, Daquan Gooch, Andy Ho, Krystol Kruckas, Tue Lac, Jordan Lajoie, Thomas McKiernan, Samuel Museme, Chanel Napoli, Tien Luc Nguyen, Ravikumar Patel, Matthew Seaman, David Zona

Ayer: Emily Sama, Graham Wall

Barre: Hailey Bones, Jessica Tower

Bellingham: Melissa Bunting, Kelly Masciarelli

Berlin: Jenitza Negron

Beverly: Raven Gillison

Blackstone: Maria Attia, Silvia Attia, Valerie Girard, Erin McDonald, Margaret Stansfield

Boxborough: Erin Flannery

Boylston: Patrick Brennan, Mia Diaz, Hunter Dicaire, Bryce Kotewa

Brookfield: Jared Maldonado

Charlton: Emmanuel Asenso, Billy Cates, Christopher Chute, Molly Cloutier, Camden Haynes, Abigail Joesten, Kellen Kinnes, John Price, Christian Santiago-Martin, Demerice Wolfenden

Cherry Valley: Kameron Pye

Clinton: Juana Feliz-Suarez, Alexandre Flor, Taylor Gabriele, Ariana Guzman, Janice Johnson, Karen Mendoza, David Powers, Ryan Province

Cumberland: Jon Sawyer

Danielson: Elizabeth Cochrane, Gregory Hook

Dayville: Talia Freda

Devens: Ryan Shaw

Dorchester: Ali Hussein, Nicholas Mutter

Douglas: James Freeman

Dudley: Nicholas Andreoli, Anthony Awad, Yakeydy Calderon, Xavier Collazo, Scarlet Guzman Gil, Jacqulyn Hayden, Hannah Lombardo, Jared Richard, Mariah Rivera, Brian Torrez, Ashley Westgate

East Brookfield: Colin Beaupre, Thomas Parsons, Byron Tippins

East Douglas: Michael Purvis, Hannah Rosenkrantz

East Weymouth: Christopher Tran

Fitchburg: Luisa Vadi, Precious Yang

Foster: Heather Perry

Foxborough: Kelly Callahan, Robert McNabb

Framingham: Daniel Araujo, Michael Boyes, Luiz Lima, Esther Macharia, Ana Mantesso, Wilmarie Robles

Franklin: Ly Ho

Gardner: Megan Parker

Gilbertville: Bethany Jacques

Grafton: Jack Cosseboom, Matthew Lazaro, Kara Pichierri, James Scanlon

Hardwick: Shari Martel

Harvard: Liam French, Gavin Maddalone

Holden: Chester Awuni, Lindsay Deyo, Olivia Gage, Kimberly Giordano, Brady Higgins, Quint Kunar-Hallas, Pamela Lara, Calli McLaughlin, Matthew Osmolowski, Robyn Pippert, Caitlin Rosario, Melinda Shanahan, Katherine Sherman

Holland: Katharine Patota, Zane Salameh

Hopedale: Amer Hukanovic, Griffin Murphy

Hudson: Breana Alonge, Abigail Babich, Michael Barbosa, Grace Breton, Eleanor Calandra, Reagan Condry, Aidan Demelo, Diahann Duncan, Kevin Gallagher, Ilan Levine, Yosdany Niebla Rufin

Humble: Natasha Navarro

Jefferson: Stefanie Appleby

Lancaster: Clayton Dunlop, Kristin Morse

Leicester: Adam Abusalah, Amy Carr, Nicholas Michaelian, Dagan Mott

Leominster: Briana Anneus, Rachel Dansky, Grace Hume, Raissa Kammeugne Fogaing, Gavin MacCulloch, Fontem Nkezea, Julius Nwetbefua, Chase Styffe

Linwood: Eric Bird

Longmeadow: Susan Muhaimin

Lowell: Winfred Muriuki, Matthew Plunkett

Lunenburg: Melissa Bienkiewicz Cypull, Judith Muse

Mansfield: Gintare Caussade

Marlborough: Sandy Bailey, Brian Chisholm, Sandra Dabankah, Francisca Garcia, Britney Gonzalez, Adilson Guimaraes, Jailene Guzman, Alexander Krueger, Sarah Lynch, Haven McGrath, Nathalia Paes De Souza, Paola Pastor, Jordan Savitzky, Beth Sugerman, Shannon Veinot, Charles de Ortel

Medway: Denise Bain

Melrose: Luka Vlajkovic

Milford: Alex Begay, Nyla Mutegyeki, Shanay Patel, Anthony Rodriguez

Millbury: Zachary Belanger, Tara Cudmore, Lauren De La Cruz, Kimberlee Mack, Madelyn O'Leary, Angela Rossi

Millville: Amelia Tober

Natick: Cassie Parys

North Attleboro: Sonia Guevara

North Brookfield: Liam Carlson, Johnna Farley, Deborah Hill, Jacob Lovely

North Grafton: Sarah Bianco, Franklin Burkey, Luis Dejesus, Angelina Katz, Connor Manning, Holly Martin, Rabia Mateen

North Oxford: Shannen Hennessy, Albert Wiafe

Northborough: Sharlene Addo, Jenna Golden, Olivia Lamy, Justin Levey, Imtiaz Rahman, Robert Rozentals, Nicholas West

Northbridge: Eliezer Amateri, Aaron Bishop, Kyran Bishop, Krystal Bonafilia, Nicholas Cleary, Nathan Posterro, Crystal Tardie

Oakham: Brandon Medina

Ooltewah: Gary Charron

Orange: Danielle Ellis, Raymond Hobin

Oxford: Jennifer Carr, Nicole Cosway, Ariana Gelardi, Holly Gignilliat, Elijah Gray, Jennifer Gum, Leah Kielinen, Kimberly Lindsey, Amanda Listewnik, Amanda Mailberg, DaShante Mitchell, Brandon Pen, Makayla Strzelewicz, Jared Torosian

Paxton: Emily Carpenter, Amber Mitsis, Shannon Remmes

Pepperell: Leanna Ignazi

Pomfret Center: Penelope Karambinakis, Abigail Kruger

Putnam: Daven LaFlash

Randolph: Cindy Rojas

Rutland: Joshua Haggerty, Kaci Holbrook, Abubakar Mwangi, Elizabeth Russell, Gil Salzman

Salisbury: Patrick Brown

Shrewsbury: Joshua Andrade, Hector Castillo, Gianni Colonero, Cristopher Cordero, Kyle DiPilato, Linda Doku, Erfaan Fadiani, Scott Foley, Valicia Jean-Louis, Bianca Maeli, Liam Maher, Yuan Meng, Michael Meola, Michael Merendino, Lucas Nascimento, Michael O'Brien, Kyle Orciuch, Samantha Rahall, Jean Saint Fleur, Olivia Schultz, Gabriela Silveira, Rachel Silverio, Alexander Stepanov, Saad Surve, Ryan Tartaglia, Samantha Torres, Eleni Vosdagalis

Slatersville: Megan Lopez

South Barre: Jessica Chartier

South Grafton: Holly Atchue, Nicholas Fobert, Thomas Fobert, Courtney Walker

Southbridge: Maher Aba Zaid, Kandy Alvarado, Kristina Bachand, Kendall Barton, Christina Crosby, Anthony Lang, Jennifer Lang, Jacob Lazo, Claudia Maffo Fopafouong, Genesis Martinez, Kyle Morrill, Tanisha Rivera, Abigail St. Laurent, Venus Streeter, Payton Vega, Erich Waible

Spencer: Courtney Barry, Dylan Connors, Matthew Heffernan, Thomas Heffernan, Sara Hevy, Magdaline Kiarie, Jamie Kiesiner, Eric Lammi, Billy Lascom, Lourdes Morales, Evan Pedone, Doretta Stoler, Jodie Woodbury

Stafford Springs: Savannah Nichols

Sterling: Tanner Pomeroy

Stow: Joseph LoPresti

Sturbridge: Ruben Alers, Corey Gatta, Ethan Trifone

Sunderland: Noelle Cook

Sutton: Sarah Beachman, Nicole Bianca, Jason Doyle, Conor Hickey, Matthew Kearney, Paul Kearney, Patricia Mwaniki, George Smith

Tampa: Michaela Griffin

Thompson: Amber Axtell, Sarah Deneault, Hanna Kunkel

Townsend: Patricia Hussong, Alexandra Wentzell

Uxbridge: Tyler Butler, Matthew Carlson, Jessica Marroquin, Ashley Murray, Kaylee Tavares, Alexandria Touhey, Katie Vautrain

Virginia Beach: Liman Murati

Waltham: Michael Dunn

Ware: Luke Harmon, Dawn Marquis

Webster: Teresa Bober, Michelle Boulay, Claribel Burgos, Miguel Colon, Ashley Denham, MaryKate Flynn, Sean Flynn, Isaac Gilliard, Chime Lama, Ashley Martinez, Tenishia Mulbah, Emmanuel Obeng, Nathan Phelps, Heather Quinn, Beatriz Roman, Sarah Mae San Agustin, Peter Tadros, Maria Verdejo, Tyler Verrier, Panagiotis Vlahos, Nekelle Waskiewicz

West Boylston: Zamayne Abney, Brittany Goguen, Daniel Verge

West Brookfield: Israel Hickey

West Upton: Kendal Rodriguez

Westborough: Rishabh Gowda, Raafay Hussain, David Kuhns, Malgorzata Kwapong

Westerly: Maura Robinson

Westfield: Irene Chetambe

Wheelwright: Kasey Dorsch

Whitinsville: Jessica Caggiula, Melissa Sue Chenevert, Nicholas DePasquale, Alianna Georges, Peter Greenan, Carly Jacobs, Randy Lloyd

Williamsburg: Amber Batchelder

Woonsocket: Nicole Licata

Worcester: Paul Abankwa, Ramatu Abukari, Ransford Adjei, Ellen Adu, Nadiatou Afolabi, Georgina Afriyie Nkrumah, Elizabeth Agyeiwaa-Asabere, Nana Konadu Agyemang Duah, Randa Alasmi, Mohamad Alia, Sarah Almeida, Tania Alvarez, Yohan Alzuhairi, Magdalena Amaro, Atarid Amoor, Uriel Amparbeng, Shannen Arboleda, Ahmad Awad, Faiz Azizi, David Azure, Morica Balcos, Heleena Bandar, Jada Bell, Paul Benedict, Christian Benjumea, Margaret Bentil, Michenaella Berlus, Karla Bermejo, Eric Boadu, Bryan Boamah, Nathalie Bouzy-Vega, Seth Braday, Megan Braga, Alicyn Bratchell, Gina Bronzo, Jayden Burnett, Ana-Maria Cabral, Michael Cabrera, Eric Camacho, Vee Camfield, Yilda Carpio, Darlenys Carrasquillo, Rosemary Carvajal, Francesca Casasanta, Silas Chambers, Lauren Chviruk, Sydney Cobb, Jordi Codjoe, Elizabeth Coffey, Gina Cone, Tanasia Cox, Ashanty Crispin, Rafael Cruz Carvajal, Ashley Cruz, Mary Cruz, Jose Curet, Cassandra Cutler, Chelsea Daniels, Guilherme De Jesus, Beverly De La Cruz, Crusenia De La Cruz, Milena De Souza, Rocio DeLeon, Sara Diaz, Carlos Dominguez Najarro, Hallie Doppler, Elizabeth Enyan Acheampong, James Espaillat, Jason Falkowski, Paul Ferreira, Taylor Filippone, Angela Franz, Christabel Frimpong, Natally Fuentes, Jessica Fuller, Jaida Fullerton, Nayer Gabra, Jill Gacheri, Mike Gachukia, Nathalia Garcia Ramirez, Luz Garcia, Tasha Gaye, Gabrielle Germaine, Teresia Gikebe, Michael Githure, Carolina Gomez, Talissa Goncalves da Silva, Christian Guardado, Dezary Guzman, Kenny Guzman, Kenneth Hall, Raymond Hardy, Mariseliz Heredia, Kortnee Hisoire, Janavia Hodge, Khalise Hodge, David Huynh, Jayson Illescas, Juljan Imeraj, Anthony Jackson, Atul Jagga, Fleurimonde Jean-Pierre, Melissa Joubert, Gabriela Kadiri, Eva Kadriu, Bibian Kagotho, Kathleen Kammer-Sibray, Yona Khamisi, Edwin Kithinji, Megan Klimaszewska-Olson, Sylvester Konadu, Abigail Kouevi, Rachel Latimer, Dat Le, Elizabeth Le, Hong Le, Myles Leo, Camdyn Lloyd, Tyler Locke, Alexis Loconto, Jennifer Lopez, Eryl MacConnell, Arop Majak, Israa Majeed, Sirine Manaouil, Camila Manrique, Tony Manu, Courtney Mara, Clara Martinez, Stephanie Martinez, Esther Mburu, Maggie McElroy, Wilvannette Medina, Jason Mendes, Fillipe Moreira, Hilda Mota, Stephanie Munn, Jalal Mustafa, Crystal Nakhid, Ann Ndungu, Chanh Nguyen, Nu Nguyen, Tuyen Nguyen, Vy Nguyen, Priscilla Nimako, Lilian Njoroge, Salome Njoroge, Simon Njoroge, Julia Noel, Yaneiri Norford, Mame Nti, Prince Nyamekye, Jackline Ochieno, Yvonne Ofosu-Ansah, Martin Onyimba, Jephet Opong, Stella Osabutey El Sayed, Blessing Osagie, Dorothy Osei, Milicent Owusuaa-Kumah, Daniel Pace, Amy Pagan, Eileen Pham, John Porter, Ruaa Qays, Mary Quarshie, Rubimar Ramos, George Recalde, Scott Reynolds, Eve Ribeiro, Mariel Rivera, Stephanie Rivers, Giannis Rodriguez, Kamil Rodriguez, Zuleyka Rosado-Molina, Karen Ross-Aikins, Daniel Rossi, Katherine Rush, Malina Rutledge, Kadir Safo-Boateng, Ruth Sampong, Rosa Sanchez, Crystal Santana, Krizia Santana, Erika Santos, Geynny Santos, Roodline Savion, Sara Sebbai, Ever Sermeno, Elion Sholla, Aleksander Shqillo, Erick Sierra Orellana, Glodie Songo, Autumn Stephens, Joshua Sudyka, Niya Talcott, Maria Tellez, Ann Thompson, Brendon Tivnan, Nehemias Torres Pacheco, Jermaine Vargas, Beniada Variste, Joseline Vazquez, Pamela Vega, Jennifer Villacorta, Yajaira Viruet, Alan Vuong, Abdullah Waleed, Makenzie Ward, Aiana Whaley, Ethan Whitcore, Paul Williams, Tyler Wills, Ashley Zablocki, Rose Aimee Zeblehi

Wrentham: Sarah Sullivan


Ashby: Sandra Oser

Athol: Amy Burton, Sadey Lehtomaki

Atlanta: Rudy Griffin-Whyte

Auburn: Haider Alnassar, Michelle Annese, Angela DiTommaso, Stefany Flynn, Andy Ho, Hao Mai, Alvin Valerio, Jessic de Souza Salazar Lib

Ayer: Graham Wall

Belmont: Fatemeh Shahani

Blackstone: Destiny Ingersoll

Bolton: Olivia Bradlee

Boston: Darline Bourdeau, Rose Gonzalez, Jeremy Odena

Boylston: Patrick Brennan, Heather Burkhardt

Brockton: Cassandra Stroud

Brookfield: Micah Laird, Conor Rozicki

Charlton: Elizabeth Belanger, Connor Browne, Connor Browne, Emanuel Desouza, Kayla Hinkley, Mckenzie McArthur

Cherry Valley: Georgina Ansong, Margaret Cyr, Hannah Gaucher

Clinton: Alexis Blaisdell, Michael Gomez, Janice Johnson, Linda Santa Cruz, Omayma Taha, Jenny Timothee

Corinth: Alexander Rousseau

Danielson: Brian Tvelia

Dayville: Anthony Gianfriddo

Denton: Eve Robida

Dorchester: Devon Carr

Dudley: Elizabeth Catino, Joseph Clem, Xavier Collazo, Michaela Goritsas, Paige Oliver, Michelle Reilly, Christina Richert, Crystal Stillman, Katelyn Wambugu

East Brookfield: Steven Demarski, Byron Tippins

East Douglas: Trinity Grondin, Kyle Perry

East Weymouth: Christopher Tran

Fiskdale: Cheryl Green

Fitchburg: Iris Clarke, Daniel Killian, Luisa Vadi

Framingham: Maria Quijano

Franklin: Etaysia Howard

Gardner: Roudolfo Altema

Gilbertville: Erin Malin

Grafton: Mackenzie Collins

Harrisburg: Jasmita Samal

Hartford: Antoinette Ledgister

Holden: Chester Awuni, John Besas, Shawn Jackson, Don McKnight, Gina Nzanza Kiese, Robyn Pippert, Yasuko TerVeen

Holland: Deniella Harwood

Holliston: Jay Marcoaldi

Hubbardston: Travis Dumais

Hudson: Josh Liborio

Leicester: Amy Carr, Jason Edson, Patricia Moraes Recoba

Leominster: Hubert Agyei-Mensah, Schneider Clermont, Robinson Elysse, Perla Garcia, Lisa Sarfowaa, Lisa Sarfowaa, Elsie Vernyuy

Linwood: Eric Bird

Ludlow: Amber Valley

Lunenburg: Judith Muse

Marlborough: Wendy Cruz, Jeffrey Gogan, Nicole Grunbaum, Jacob Hardy, Kaleigh Jarvis, Nathalia Paes De Souza, Beth Sugerman, Constance Yeboah

Mendon: Jack LaBonne

Millbury: Casey Ampagoomian, Elizabeth DeWolfe, Jenna Desrosiers, Rachael Mercurio, Lucas Ogasahara, Lucas Ogasahara, Tori Renaud, Victoria Rondeau

Monson: Myranda Peterson-Messina

North Brookfield: Liam Carlson, Shannon Sisco

North Grafton: Jovelyn Flores, Lexis Kearin

Northborough: Tyler Blight, Michael Foley, Rachel Sharp

Northbridge: Lauren Foster, Katelyn Hanson, Ryan Lax, Andrea Place

Oakham: Brooke Dennis, Michael Toupin

Oxford: Cassandra Bute, Mark Cruz, Nathan Hagopian, Meghan Kelley, Blake Lentine, Sean Perkins, Julie Viola

Paxton: Peter Stratton, Maria-Cecilia Torres, Sarah Turgeon

Pepperell: Krystal Silva

Princeton: Tom Connors

Randolph: Daniella Germain

Riverside: Marissa Casey

Rochdale: Julie Manzello

Roslindale: Kinsasha Smith

Rutland: Jackson Burns, Jessica Hickey

Shrewsbury: Elizabeth Anders, Kervenie Casimir, Erin Dagle, Thalyta Daye, Hilda Doku, Anupama Gurung, Joseph Jamros, Matthew Kiley, Tanya McNamara, Kayla Muniz, Kenneth Njuguna, Aline Perpetuo, Jenna Reynolds, Ana Rodrigues Da Silva

Soutbridge: Miguel Agosto

South Grafton: Nahum Echevarria-Jordan, Sophia Jean

Southbridge: Kristina Bachand, Jamal Blyther, Marcia Feliciano-Garcia, Catherine Hamblin, Catherine Hamblin, Wendy Hanson, Joseph Haven, Grace MacNeill, Jacob McDonald, Lidrianys Miranda Colon, Tamia Sanders, Jarianys Solero, Abigail St. Laurent

Spencer: Marissa Beaudin, Nicole Blais-Bennett, Michael Brousseau, Mariannah Chase, Josiah Gianfriddo, Matthew Heffernan, Deanna Kelsaw, Laura Wyne

Sterling: Jessica Bogue, Jennifer Flagg

Sturbridge: Dominique Howe

Sutton: Ricki Maynard, Alexandra Shaw, Tehreem Zainab

Tampa: Michaela Griffin

Templeton: Stayssie Esperant

Thompson: Audrey Witkowski

Uxbridge: Madison Doherty, Caitlyn Ellis, Lubna Paul-Celestin, Miles Shastri

Wales: Alexis Coville

Waltham: Lorena Dias

Ware: Chelsea Calkins, Liza Delgado, Ashton Farland, Melissa Lauzier

Webster: Vanessa Baldyga, Makayla Blanchard, Michelle Boulay, Alexander Fuentes, Irene John, Deserie Kamara, Karma Lama, Garrett Mann, Trisha Powers, Hiranya Robles, Patricia Rose

West Boylston: Chioma Mbah, Viviane Oliveira

West Warren: Lena Killian

Westborough: Amina Akbour, Neama Mohamed, Frecia Rojas Reyes, Haley Tarasiak

Westminster: Lucy deMartin

Whitinsville: Peter Greenan, Savannah Louis-Charles, Fany Mendez Garcia

Woodstock: Dawnn Morin

Worcester: Mark Aboagye, Ramatu Abukari, Cori Acosta Rosario, Richmond Addai, Linda Addaquay, Princelyn Addobea, Greta Adjei, Elizabeth Agyeiwaa-Asabere, Mariesabel Alicea, Melissa Altidor, Canny Ameziegbe, Patricia Amoah, Uriel Amparbeng, Gifty Antwi, Nerissa Antwi, Spendylove Appiah, Rhodaline Arthur, Ahmad Awad, David Azure, Tinee Azure, Doreen Balagadde, Sampson Bamfo, Mikeala Banzuela-Lopez, Eugene Barber, Andrea Bianca, Jennifer Boakye, Nana Boateng, Christina Bonah, Kimberly Borrero Batiz, Jeysmar Borrero, Amanda Bowen, Evelyn Boykia, Seth Braday, Mary Briddell, Mercedes Budzinski, Alexandra Cabrera Cordon, Iris Cace, Lynsie Calderwood, Jessica Canenguez, Esther Cano, Juan Caraballo, Kayla Caribo, Lauriano Castro, Ivan Cavanaugh, Yairibel Cedano, Sherry Champlin, Kaye Cobarrubia, Elizabeth Coffey, Esdras Colon, Gina Cone, David Corazzini, Kassandra Criollo, Jasmine Cruz, Jonathan Cruz, Jonathan Cruz, Tayla Cusson, Guilherme De Jesus, Nayely De La Cruz, Jennifer De Souza Braga, Mariquce Decoteau, Italia DiPadua, Maryline Doe, Harli Duddie, Yvonne Dwomoh, Jomari Dy, Gabriela Elicier, Leslie Escobar, Jennifer Foley, Kayla Fontanez, Elsie Frimpong, Erica Frimpong, Lewis Fuentes Chavez, Lewis Fuentes Chavez, Natally Fuentes, Natally Fuentes, Nathalia Garcia Ramirez, Tasha Gaye, Daveiry Gonzalez, Joseph Goyer, John Halisi, Kenneth Hall, Ricardo Hall, Raymond Hardy, Jaclyn Harrington, Jennifer Hernandez, Jasmine Hilario, Dion Hird, Tanairy Huertas Torres, Juljan Imeraj, Emmanuel Isaac, Atul Jagga, Phaline Jean, Karl Jean-Simon, Sonia Jimenez, Precious John, Phylicha Kalala, Esther Karanja, Esther Karanja, Esther Kienyere, Beatrice Kirimire, Purity Kiruma, Michelle Kittredge, Benedicta Klutse-Avedzi, Jonathan Knight, Adiza Koduah, Kinston Koiwu, Samuel Kuria, Naima Kwayisi, Paige LaFond, Duc Le, Hong Le, Hong Le, Doriane Perlise Lienou Kamto, Kiara Lopez, Maria Lopez, Ruth Lopez, Heather Lyons, Heather Lyons, Marti Mahoney, Isabella Maine, Cassandre Marin, Samuel Marshall, Edith Martinez, Ivy Nelly Mbocua, Clevonne McCloud, Sophia McDaddie, Daniel Meneses, Lisa Monopoli, Minerva Montero Correa, Fillipe Moreira, Michael Murphy, Angela Nabakka, Tiffany Nance, Lucy Nganga, Tu Nguyen, Vy Nguyen, Julia Noel, Ruby Obeng, William Obunga, Nadia Odamtten, Nicole Odonkor, Belinda Ofosu, Benjamin Opare Darko, Jephet Opong, Jessica Ortiz, Milicent Owusuaa-Kumah, Charlene Perez, Jonnathan Perez, Michael Brice Petndjeu Nguemba, Leidy Pinales de Ramirez, Nicole Pinkham, Jennifer Quansah, Edvin Ramirez, Natalie Reyes, Jailyn Reynoso, Mayra Rivas, Jermily Rivera Andino, Joshua Rivera, Yazmin Rivera, Brendan Roche, Shailin Rosado, Katherine Rush, Sehila Ryerson, Rosa Sanchez, Mardis Santillan, Aileen Sarfo, Rebecca Sarja, Pwe Say, Brandi Sheers, Kathleen Sheppard, Rasita Sitthawong, Caroline Smythe-Quick, James Starling, Ulysses Stewart, Kim Stoddard, Courtney Swenson, Abamis Tejeda Vasquez, Yamilette Torres-Otero, John Mary Touwa Feuba, Emily Tracy, Joshua Van, William Vickers, Alan Vuong, Harry Vuong, Aismaa Wahed, Anjelica Wanjohi, Bryant Wiafe, Akeem Williams, Hawa Williams, Sarah Yelegon

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: QCC graduates take bows at commencement ceremony in DCU Center