For Father's Day, give the gift of sports

Caroline Hailey
For Father's Day, give the gift of sports

Another Father's Day is quickly approaching and for what seems like the tenth year in a row, you can't come up with anything unique to get your dad.

Sound familiar? If so, we've got help for you.

Instead of heading to the nearest men's clothing or bookstore, give the gift that keeps on giving for your special sports-loving dad: a sports subscription for his TV, computer, Smartphone, or radio.

The plethora of different sports subscription packages now available means you'll be able to choose one that fits best with your dad and his specific interests.

Here are just a few popular options for this sports season…

NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Network

The NFL seems to have a following like no other sports league, and many dads look forward to Sunday like it's a mini-holiday. If your dad is no different, think about getting him a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is exclusively provided by DirecTV.

This package will give him access to every football game, each week. That way, he can spend the day staying tuned to his favorite team, while also checking out how the rival teams are doing.

He can even watch eight football games at the same time, or take advantage of the player tracker, which is perfect for the fantasy football dad who wants to keep tabs on his individual players and their stats during the day.

So, what's the price for all-you-can-watch football? You can pay one fee of $224.95 for NFL Sunday Ticket, or pay installments of $44.99 a month for five months.

You can also upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket Max, which costs $75 more and will set your dad up with even more features, like being able to watch the games on his computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

If your dad doesn't have DirecTV, there are other options available, such as NFL Network, a premium channel offered by many cable providers. NFL Network provides nonstop NFL coverage and will give your football-fanatic father more highlights and commentary than he could ever need.

Call your father's cable provider to see how much adding this channel will cost.

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MLB Extra Innings® or MLB.TV

If your dad is a diehard baseball fan, think about giving him a subscription to MLB Extra Innings® or MLB.TV.

With MLB Extra Innings®, your dad can watch up to 80 out-of-market games a week, 98 percent of which can be watched in HD. That can keep your dad pretty entertained, wouldn't you agree?

You can give your dad the gift of all-he-can-watch innings for $199.95.

MLB Extra Innings® is available from a variety of providers including DIRECTV, Comcast, and Time Warner, just to name a few.

However, if your dad isn't much for TV and prefers to watch home runs on his laptop or tablet, then you'll want to consider getting him a subscription to MLB.TV. With this option, he'll be able to watch his favorite team live or on demand in HD, right on his computer for $109.99 a year or $19.99 a month.

If you think he'll want to watch the games on any of his mobile and connected devices, go for the premium option which costs $129.99 a year or $24.99 a month.

With 162 games during a baseball season, your dad will have plenty of chances to use either of these special gifts.

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Fox Soccer Plus

If your childhood memories include your dad cheering you on during each of your morning soccer games, consider paying him back with a soccer subscription. Now, he'll be able to watch the professionals in action.

Giving him a subscription to Fox Soccer Plus, a premium television network available through many cable and satellite providers, will make him the envy of all his soccer fan friends.

The network offers international games from the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, the Scottish Premier League, and more - all names that will mean something to any soccer fan.

Not only will this subscription give your dad plenty of soccer to occupy his time, he'll get coverage of the world's best rugby matches from all over the world, too. Think of all the thanks you'll get anytime he can get comfy in front of the TV with his buddies, beers, and snacks.

Fox Soccer Plus is currently available through DISH Network, DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS TV, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Cablevision, RCN, and more for roughly $15 per month (prices vary slightly depending on the provider).

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Sirius XM Satellite Radio

For a dad who spends a lot of time in his car, saying Happy Father's Day with a Sirius XM Satellite radio subscription means he can listen to a variety of different sports games - all while behind the wheel.

An annual XM All Access plan costs $199 and there are several options for monthly plans such as XM Select, which offers more than 130 channels for $14.49 a month, or the XM Premier option, which gets you more than 140 channels for $17.99 a month.

With any option, your dad could get close to 40 different channels that feature sports talk or play-by-play accounts of live games.

So no matter what sport your dad likes, and no matter how he likes to view his favorite teams' games, this Father's Day, go with a sports subscription package that he's sure to brag to his friends about.