Mountain Lion Attacks & Drags Away Dog in California

Mountain lion prowls above Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean.
(Photo Credit: Jason Klassi | Getty Images)

On May 15, an Idaho resident was caught by surprise when a mountain lion attacked her beloved dog. The cougar attack took place near the trailhead at Mount Baldy, California. The big cat attacked and dragged away the yelping pup. Unfortunately, by the time the woman reached her helpless canine, the mountain lion was already taking the dog away.

Mountain lion attacks dog on Mount Baldy hiking trail

Cecelia McAfee went to Mount Baldy for a scenic hike with her furry friend. However, she wasn’t expecting the unfortunate incident that awaited her and her canine companion. Last Wednesday, the 6-year-old dog was attacked and dragged away by a mountain lion. The pup was about five miles away from the trailhead at Mount Baldy.

McAfee ran towards her beloved dog, expecting her to have disturbed a deer or an elk. Instead, she witnessed a cougar dragging away her pup down a hill, per KBZK. After the encounter, the Idaho resident called for her dog, Indy, but couldn’t find any signs of her. She and her boyfriend hoped the mountain lion would give up and leave their canine behind.

Unfortunately, even after reporting the incident to the authorities, there were no signs of the mountain lion or the pet. Thus, the beloved dog is presumed to be dead, per the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Cecelia McAfee reported the cougar encounter to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP).

FWP Information and Education Manager Morgan Jacobsen noted that the attack was quite unusual. Mountain lions are elusive by nature and usually won’t seek food near humans. Moreover, they are nocturnal and aren’t seen out and about in the daylight. However, in this case, the mountain lion attacked the dog in the afternoon of May 15.

Jacobsen also stated that the hiking trail is remote and forested. It is an ideal habitat for mountain lions, so hikers can expect to encounter them. To avoid unfortunate incidents such as these, he advises traveling in groups and making noise to keep them away. Also, as responsible pet parents, one should keep their dogs leashed and nearby while hiking.

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