What Jerry Jones said about Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s extortion lawsuit, legal issues

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was well versed in the alleged sexual assault allegations involving quarterback and his subsequent filing of a civil lawsuit for extortion before it became public a couple of weeks ago.

Jones said he is disappointed regarding the negative attention it has brought on Prescott.

But he and the Cowboys remain in strong support of their quarterback and he said the situation will have no bearing on his future with the team, nor their impending decisions on a possible contract extension.

“We expected to it and we are very knowledgeable to the legal aspects very well,” Jones said. “But not uncomfortable in any way. I can say that we’re just very aware of the details and we’re comfortable.”

Prescott is involved in two police investigations in addition to his civil lawsuit for extortion against a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

The Dallas Police department is investigating a claim of sexual assault against Prescott after a complainant filed a report on March 12 about an alleged incident that occurred on February 2, 2017, in the 8500 block of Stemmons Freeway in the parking of lot of XTC Cabaret.

The report was made after Prescott filed a lawsuit Collin County against the accuser and her lawyers for extortion for allegedly asking for $100 million to not report the incident.

It also comes after Prescott and his attorney reported the extortion attempt to the Prosper police department.

Police in Prosper have indicated they are investigating claims extortion against Prescott.

Prescott has denied the allegation made by Victoria Shores of Fort Worth.

Jones said he had no update on contract talks between the Cowboys and Prescott, who is heading into the last year of a four-year, $160 million deal he signed in 2021.

Jones knows he will be on the team in 2024 no matter what and is a reason he is excited about the team’s prospects.

“He is welling to everything he can to help us win,” Jones said. “And so we are where we are. We have our contract, locked and loaded for this year. We can see as we move along, how we are thinking we inclusive of everybody, including Dak. We’ll see what we do. I don’t have anything to report today.”