Harvey County Sheriff’s Office grades scam callers with an ‘F’

HARVEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — The Harvey County Sheriff’s Office has graded scam callers an “F.”

“A person calls your phone and says they are Sgt. Moon (they’re not). The person says they have a warrant for you (they don’t). They say Undersheriff Chapman has confirmed this (and we can confirm he hasn’t). This particular scammer wants you to call 316-370-5004 (don’t do that),” said the HCSO.

The HCSO says this scam lacks creativity.

“Weak premise. Poorly researched,” said the HCSO on Facebook. “We were bored just listening to it and got bored all over again typing the plot out here.”

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The HCSO has given an “F-minus” to these scam callers.

“Maybe F-minus-minus-minus. Ralphie in ‘A Christmas Story’ is embarrassed by your grade,” said the HCSO.

The HCSO says they will never contact a citizen for a warrant in this way.

“If you’re ever unsure, call us on our administrative line, which is 316-284-6960,” said the HCSO. “We’re happy to talk about fighting crime, ranking classic scenes from holiday movies or to help make sure you’re not getting scammed.”

For tips on how to avoid impostor scams from the Better Business Bureau, click here.

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