The Constitution protects Americans from its minority of Christian Nationalists

Constitution protects us from Christian Nationalism

Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony, hypocrisy and arrogance of the fact that a small minority of Christian Nationalists are trying to take control of our secular country? Statistics show that church membership is decreasing and our country is becoming more diverse. So for Christians to want to attempt to turn the U.S. into a Christian country is not just against the majority, it’s unconstitutional. Despite some of our founders being believers in a Creator, most of them were Deists who drew up a constitution that promoted freedom of religion. But, just as importantly, freedom from religion.

James Costantino, West Palm Beach

A Donald Trump supporter holds a Bible in a movement that's increasingly called Christian Nationalism.
A Donald Trump supporter holds a Bible in a movement that's increasingly called Christian Nationalism.

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Flagler needs more speed-limit signs

I have a difficult time understanding that on South Flagler Drive, from Southern Boulevard to Summa Beach, there is only one speed limit sign at Southern and not another until Summa. Many of us walk along Flagler in the morning about the same time that people are rushing to work. There are cars and large pickup trucks passing each other. People driving far above the 30 mile speed limit. When you give them the “slow down” sign you can imagine the response.

A few months ago I wrote a letter to Mayor Keith James detailing these concerns. I did not even get a standard “thank-you-for-your-letter” response. I approached the West Palm Beach police when they were stopped in the area and was told to call a certain number. No call back either. What needs to be done to get speed limit signs posted and [people] to] adhere to it? Perhaps some speed bumps like they have installed on all the east-west streets heading to Flagler.

Beverlee Miller Raymond, West Palm Beach

Trumpism inspires cancer analogy

I am becoming increasingly concerned that many of my fellow Americans are still not recognizing the clear and present danger to our country and the world. Let me explain it in terms all of us can understand. Trumpism is a deadly cancer that will surely kill the patient, our democracy, if not defeated. All evidence shows that early detection and treatment offers the best chance of survival. Millions of us have missed the early warning signs or just ignore them, which unfortunately has allowed the MAGA ideological to spread. As with most cancers, the most important step is neutralizing or removing the tumors, then follow-up treatments. The sooner we remove the tumors the better, but it will probably have to wait for the November elections given the pace of the judiciary. We need to cut out as much of the cancer as  possible. The follow-ups will take years to keep us cancer free or at least in remission. However, I believe there is still time to save the patient.

Kirk Harris, North Palm Beach

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