Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo successor caught in full wail


It's been nearly nine years since Ferrari stopped building the Enzo supercar, and ever since the Prancing Stallion brand has mulled and teased some kind of replacement attempt at building a world-beating car. In a matter of days, Ferrari will reveal the results of those efforts -- although we can already hear the new supercar in full wail below.

With the exact name still under wraps, and the body disguised by thick faux panels, spy photographers and Ferrari fans refer to the new model by a variety of names -- F70 or F150, a name that should Ferrari stick with it would trigger race-car like speed from Ford's cease-and-desist department. The new Ferrari will have some form of the Formula 1 hybrid system paired to a 12-cylinder engine, a setup expected to produce more than 900 hp and hurtle the driver to 60 mph in less than three seconds.

Rumors abound of imminent showings of the car to Ferrari dealers worldwide; given past history, Ferrari will likely charge more than $1 million for the Enzo successor and build far less than 1,000 to keep the club small. There's even some concern among Ferrari faithful that the company could follow in the path blazed by Lexus with its LFA and require potential owners to hold onto their cars a minimum of two years to reduce speculators. Who wouldn't want to spend two years with a car that sounds like this?