420-gallon oil spill reported near Medora; cleanup efforts initiated

May 2—MEDORA, N.D. — A pipeline leak reported by Cobra Oil and Gas on Sunday has released approximately 420 gallons of oil, or about 10 barrels, into the environment approximately seven miles southwest of Medora.

According to the Minnesota Rural Water Association, the spill impacted the local ecosystem, including an unspecified tributary of Garner Creek and the surrounding rangeland. The organization noted that even a pint of oil can contaminate up to 1 acre of water surface.

State and federal laws mandate that operators immediately report any spills that could potentially harm the environment. In response to this incident, specialists from the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality have joined forces with Cobra Oil and Gas to address the contamination. Efforts are underway to clean, monitor, and implement remedial measures to prevent future occurrences.

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