Zookeeper’s Video of 3 Bears Chilling in a Tree Is Too Precious

It was playtime for three orphaned black bears at the Miller Zoo in Quebec, Canada on Wednesday, April 17th! A zookeeper passing by noticed the bears hanging out in a tree and recorded a video of them, and I'm so glad that she did...it's pretty fun to watch!

The three were chilling high up in a tree and it's cool to watch them climb around and up and down the tree. They're so big that I didn't realize how agile bears really are. Watch until the end when the lucky zookeeper gets a special hello from one of the bears!

This video made me smile! I can't imagine walking around and looking up to find bears in a tree! Miller Zoo fans left comments in French, but it seemed that most of them were saying that the three orphaned cubs were too cute, and I couldn't agree more!

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Facts About Black Bears

It's clear that black bears are good climbers, but did you know that they are also strong swimmers? They not only swim to find food or to cross bodies of water when they are traveling, but they also do it for fun. Animalia shared some other facts about black bears, and some of them were very interesting.

Black bears communicate in a variety of different ways through both vocal and non-vocal sounds. If you've ever seen these bears in person, you may have heard them make grunting. loud humming, or tongue-clicking sounds. The bears make these sounds when they are calm and comfortable. When they are nervous or fearful, the bears make warning sounds by blowing air loudly, huffing, and moaning. That's when you know to run! Cubs make a variety of sounds like babies - they cry, squeal, and even scream. They make an adorable motor-like humming sound when they feel comfortable in their surroundings or when they are nursing.

For the most part, black bears eat berries and fruit from trees, and grasses, bulbs, and roots from the ground. Occasionally they will eat small rodents and insects, and fish from rivers when they can find them. In short, they'll eat anything they can find. They climb trees to feed, get away from enemies, and to hibernate. While you will find bears being active at any time of the day or night, they mostly forage for food under the cover of darkness.

Maybe the reason that they'll eat anything is because of their sense of smell. Bears have a sense of smell even stronger than a dog's sense of smell - about seven times more sensitive. That means that they can smell food or other scents up to two miles away. Talk about a powerful sniffer!

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