YouTuber Rides The 'Deadliest' Mountain Bike Trail In The World

Heather Munive

Mountain biking is an inherently risky sport. There are many dangerous and even deadly trails out there.

However, it is hard to think of one that is more dangerous than Portal in Moab, Utah. Portal traverses along a canyon with a precipitous drop-off that is hundreds of feet tall without any sort of barrier.

Watch Youtuber Heather Munive take a stab at the Portal trail below.

In this video, YouTube star Heather Munive takes the viewer down the Portal trail on an absolutely stunning day.

Though this trail is not insanely technical, it is deadly because of the stakes. A small bobble could mean falling to your death. Our monkey brain knowledge of this can make us more susceptible to mistakes from the pressure.

Unlike other Portal videos, Munive lets the audience in on an inconvenient fact. Even with a shuttle, getting up to it is still a heinous climb.

On the descent, they enjoy some stellar conditions. The views over the valley show some amazing greenery.

This video really puts into perspective the safety precautions required to ride Portal. They read aloud a sign that people have died on Portal and to be safe. Thankfully, this crew followed all the instructions and made it to the bottom safely.

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