YB Loves: The Guilt-Free Way to Have Dessert for Breakfast

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As a kid, I secretly ate ice cream for breakfast when my parents were still asleep — I easily formed a habit of getting up early just so I could make cheerios-and-ice cream for breakfast. Now that I’m a fully-grown adult, I understand the benefits of starting your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. But the truth is, I’m just not into green juice, and I’m too lactose-intolerant for protein-rich Greek yogurt. As if she secretly knew, my mother recently bought me a Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker ($50), which is a kitchen appliance that turns your over-ripe frozen bananas and other frozen fruits into a creamy ice cream-like dessert without any additives. Of course, anyone who’s been on Pinterest or has read a healthy food blog in the past few years knows that frozen bananas can be transformed into a “clean” version of ice cream, but before the Yonanas machine entered the market, you had to use a blender, which usually has a high RPM that will melt your frozen fruit prematurely and be difficult to clean. The Yonanas maker is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and always churns out a creamy texture with your frozen fruit — even if you don’t use any bananas.

My personal favorite — especially for breakfast is two frozen bananas and one scoop of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter ($6). It tastes very indulgent, but is as guilt-free as you can get with a frozen dessert at 7 in the morning. You never have to worry about wasting fresh fruit again because the moment your mangoes or bananas or strawberries get too ripe, you can throw them into the freezer for dessert later — the riper the fruit, the more concentrated the amount of natural sugar is. The only catch is that the machine is pretty loud, and if you don’t live alone, you better make enough for the entire household once everyone inevitably wakes up. If only clean eating were always this satisfying!


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