Woman’s Black Eyeballs Mugshot Photo Is Freaking Everyone Out

The photo of a woman arrested for armed robbery has gone viral, thanks to her solid-black eyeballs. (Photo: Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department, S.C.)
The photo of a woman arrested for armed robbery has gone viral, thanks to her solid-black eyeballs. (Photo: Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department, S.C.)

How does someone have black eyeballs? That’s the question many people asked after seeing the mugshot of a South Carolina woman, which has since gone viral.

The woman, Morgan Joyce Varn, has bleached blond hair; tattoos on her neck and forehead and around her lips as lipliner; and jet-black eyeballs.

Armed Robbery Two people were arrested in connection with the report of an armed robbery Monday night, April 24, 2017….

Posted by Lancaster County Sheriff's Office SC on Friday, April 28, 2017

Varn was arrested for armed robbery on April 24, and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement on their Facebook page four days later, with the mugshots of Varn and her accomplice. People were not as confounded by the crime as they were with her eyes, which some called “demonic.”

“What is wrong with her eyes?” one commenter asked. “How does a person have all black eyeballs?” wrote another. One commenter wrote, “I thought it was a demon for a second. Another added, “At first I thought those were contacts, but if this is a mugshot, wouldn’t she have to take the contacts out??? No way her eyes really look like that?!”

Finally, people began adding their input on the cause of her black eyes. “The whites of her eyes have been tattooed dark,” one person pointed out.

Body modification artist Luna Cobra confirms that, telling Yahoo Beauty that Varn has sclera tattoos, which involve injecting ink into the white parts of the eye. Yikes. That sounds painful.

“Yes, this person does have eyeball tattoos,” says Cobra, the self-proclaimed inventor of the sclera tattoo. “It is not like a normal tattoo; it is more like an implant of ink in the membrane that covers the white of the eye.” A little less cringe-inducing … we think?

“People from all walks of life get the eyeball tattoo,” he told us. “The eyeball tattoo has become a trend in some prisons, so perhaps the criminal in the photo had it done there.”

Cobra has been featured in TV specials and articles about his art but notes that it has its downsides. “I invented this body modification almost 10 years ago,” he says. “It had never been done before, and I did many news articles, radio, and TV shows like the History Channel and National Geographic, all about how I came up with it. So for a long time now it has been a known fact that I am the inventor.”

But once the trend caught on, people started teaching themselves how to do the eyeball tattoo, according to Cobra. “They have blinded many people worldwide,” he says. “To be clear, all my clients are safe.”

He’s tried to rectify the situation. “I have tried to reach out to various government agencies to suggest they ban the eyeball tattoo so the uneducated miscreants that offer this tattoo will no longer be able to blind people,” Cobra says. “So far I have had very little luck with getting legislation on this.”

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