Woman Discovers Shelter Pup Wearing Her Late Dog's Bandana and Immediately Adopts Her

Abraham Quintanilla/Shutterstock

No matter how you spin it, some things in life are simply meant to be. Whether it's an undeniable string of coincidences or meeting a new friend and feeling like you've known them forever, it's so special to find something, or someone, that fits naturally in your life.

Just ask this Pennsylvania dog owner who met her new best friend in the most serendipitous way. Kaitlyn had been grieving the loss of her late dog, Jo, but reached out to Bloomsburg, PA's Animal Resource Center when she felt ready to adopt again. She was interested in adopting Ella, the sweet but fearful Pit Bull who had been waiting for a home for seven long years.

As the shelter shared in a November 3 Facebook post, it was clear that this duo was meant to be from the moment they met. Ella was even wearing Jo's bandana!

OMG--this Happily Ever After almost sounds too good to be true! What are the odds that this patient shelter dog would be wearing Kaitlyn's late dog's bandana when they met? Kaitlyn donated Jo's belongings after he passed, but it's still a massive sign that these two were meant to be. Like Kaitlyn told the Animal Resource Center staff, "I like to think of it as Jo’s stamp of approval." It sure was!

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It goes without saying that there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Ella and Kaitlyn met. We can only imagine how emotional it was for the loving dog owner to see her boy's bandana on the dog she was there to adopt! Donating his belongings was a fantastic way to keep the dog's memory alive, and now Ella and their orange bandana will get to continue that legacy.

Besides this beautiful coincidence, it's pretty magical how quickly Ella warmed up to her new mom. As the shelter explained, the dog's fear aggression can take a few visits to subside, but she had no hesitation when she met Kaitlyn. In case you needed any more proof--these two really are meant to be!

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