Story of Woman Adopting her Late Grandmother’s Dog is Touching Hearts

Grab a tissue you for this story.

Seniors oftentimes have pets who act as incredible companions. But, unfortunately, those seniors age, leaving them unable to take care of those pets. So what happens then?

Well, TikTok user @kylo.gsd and her grandma arranged a plan for someone to look after her dog. This TikToker promised that whenever her grandma passed, her grandma’s dog would go home with her and that’s exactly what happened. Take a look at how the grandma's dog is adjusting to her new home.

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AWW! Our hearts feel so sad for her grandma’s dog. The little dog is probably so confused and wondering what happened to her owner. Don’t worry baby, it has nothing to do with you. Your grandma loved you oh so much!

“I’m NOT crying you’re crying!!!” said @xtraeesh. We’re absolutely crying! We’re so glad this little dog has Kylo to watch over her and provide comfort during a stressful time. Plus, she's surrounded by familiar people who are also grieving. They'll all help each other!

Another TikTok user, @i_am_pharaoh1, wrote, "Kylo is the best big brother ever." You can say that again! "Kylo seems like a truly amazing companion. What a good dog," added @olkingcol. Not only is the new dog so lucky to have Kylo, but the whole family is also lucky. Kylo is one of a kind!

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