Woman creates knockoff version of 'The Bachelorette' by inviting dozens of Tinder matches to vie for her heart

A woman invited dozens of her Tinder matches to Union Square in New York City so they could vie for her heart. (Photo: @bvdhai via Twitter)
A woman invited dozens of her Tinder matches to Union Square in New York City so they could vie for her heart. (Photo: @bvdhai via Twitter)

Getting a match on Tinder is easy: Couple your best photos along with a witty bio and you’re bound to get a few bites. However, finding love on a dating app? That’s proven to be more difficult.

Dozens of men arrived at Union Square in New York City on Sunday wearing their best first-date outfits to listen to a DJ spin a few tracks, only to find out that they were all there to go on a date with the same woman.

Natasha Aponte, whose Instagram has since been made private, says she is a self-declared resident of “New York City Baby,” emits “positive vibes,” travels the world, and is an actress, model, and singer. However, she proved that she isn’t just a triple threat in her career — she’s a threat to young men’s hearts.

One man on Twitter wrote about the ordeal, stating that Aponte initially told him that she had a big work project and that she would get back to him. Originally, he assumed it was a very polite way of saying she wasn’t interested and had no intention of talking to him again, but then she messaged him two weeks later and invited him to Union Square.

When he arrived at the location, he noticed that many men were waiting for this DJ to play. He also spotted Aponte approaching the stage.

Eventually, Aponte grabbed the microphone and showed her true intentions. She invited everyone there from Tinder for a chance to go on a date with her.

At that point, our Twitter friend chose to leave, but he did say that some men stayed to play her dating game.

She started to go through her dating requirements. She told Trump supporters to leave, along with tourists, and men named “Jimmy,” saying, “I don’t enjoy the name ‘Jimmy.'”

Then, she held a footrace. Because, as everyone knows, if your man can’t win a race then he cannot support your future family.

With the number of cameras around, we should see the eligible bachelorette’s cut of the impromptu reality dating show soon.

Aponte did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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