Influencer's tearful apology slammed after racist tweets surface: 'I wish I was better 6 years ago'

YouTuber Laura Lee gets mocked for apology video after racist tweets surface. (Photo: YouTube/laura88lee)
YouTuber Laura Lee gets mocked for apology video after racist tweets surface. (Photo: YouTube/laura88lee)

Beauty guru Laura Lee has found herself in the middle of controversy after some of her millions of subscribers recently came across racist tweets of hers from 2012. Even after an apology video, people are saying she is “canceled.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that a so-called influencer has gotten into trouble for something they posted online in the past. But for Lee, who infamously broke off her relationship with the controversial Jeffree Star and denounced his discriminatory behavior, fans of hers are calling her a hypocrite and unsubscribing by the hundreds of thousands.

It all started with a five-part series on Shane Dawson’s channel that provided a behind-the-scenes look at Star’s life as a super successful YouTuber and addressed his feuds with colleagues. Following the documentary-style series, the makeup mogul’s ex-BFFs Lee and Manny Gutierrez were caught in a photo that seemingly dissed Star. In the photo, Lee and Gutierrez, along with Gabriel Zamora and another influencer, had their middle fingers up and captioned it, “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better.” When followers angrily interpreted the photo as a dig at Star, Zamora wrote (referring to Star), “Imagine stanning a racist? I could never.”

But moments later, a Twitter user called out Zamora for an old tweet where he himself used the N word, which prompted his own apology to followers and fellow YouTuber Star.

But it wasn’t just Zamora who had racially insensitive content floating around. Instead, someone was quick to track down even more problematic tweets on Lee’s account — and with a larger audience, and more notorious feud with Star, these tweets seemed to provoke even deeper disappointment.

While people tweeted at Lee and the companies she’s currently working for, Lee herself temporarily deactivated her account, before writing and posting an apologetic statement. Just a few days later, she even uploaded a makeup video that neglected to address the controversy at all.

It wasn’t until almost one week later, on Sunday night, that Lee uploaded an emotion-laden, five-minute video titled “My Apology.” And still, it’s being called out as insincere.

“I wish I was better six years ago. But I can’t pray for the past, I can only pray for the future,” Lee said in the video, before addressing the “hurt” she may have caused Star as well.

Unfortunately for the YouTuber, who only recently celebrated reaching the 5-million-subscriber mark, the apology isn’t saving her from losing hundreds of followers by the minute.

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