Wife Throws Costco-Loving Husband A Surprise Birthday Party At The Store

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A Tennessee man was in for quite the shock during a recent visit to Costco—and no, the rotisserie chickens weren't sold out. It turns out that what Clint Blevins thought was just a casual visit to the store was actually a surprise birthday party.

The Costco birthday party was planned by his wife, Emma Blevins, who also captured the fun surprise for a TikTok. In the video, a perplexed Clint can be seen running into friends and family members as he makes his way through the warehouse. At first, he has no idea why all of his friends are at the store at the same time.

It wasn't until he came across his "Mammaw" (likely his grandmother) that he became a bit suspicious.

costco surprise birthday party
@emmablev / TikTok

"Y'all planned this...This doesn't make sense. One of the weirdest things y'all have done, but it's certainly something y'all have done," said Clint after spotting Mammaw and giving her a big hug.

costco surprise birthday party
@emmablev / TikTok

The surprise reached its peak once the birthday boy walked to the food court and was greeted with a birthday cake and a clown. And this wasn't just any clown, but a clown that also does John Cena impersonations.

Although the video was uploaded just a few days ago, it has already received over 10 million views on TikTok. A number of peopled applauded Clint for his adorable "golden retriever energy."

This doesn't serve as the first time a Costco fan was able to celebrate their birthday with help from the warehouse. Just last year, a woman threw a "wholesale party" that included Costco food court items, samples, and hot dog floats.

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