Watch Justin Timberlake Crush a Set of Weighted Ring Chinups

Watch Justin Timberlake Crush a Set of Weighted Ring Chinups
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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS getting ready to go on tour with his new album—and that means making sure his fitness is on point for those long stadium performances.

Celebrity personal trainer Ben Bruno just shared a video on Instagram of the singer "casually crushing" a set of 10 L-sit ring chin-ups, performed while wearing a weighted vest and holding a heavy medicine ball between his feet.

Bruno's Instagram has previously shown Timberlake beefing up his overhead press with a landmine platform and pushing a 440-pound loaded sled across a gym, but this latest workout showcases the 43-year-old pop star's control and stability as well as just his strength.

The chinup is a classic arm and back day staple known for building the forearms, biceps and delts, and Timberlake is using the L-sit portion of this movement to target and strengthen his core and hip flexors. The medicine ball requires him to keep his legs extended and engaged throughout the set, and the weighted vest and unfixed rings all add layer upon layer of difficulty to what is already a challenging exercise.

"This is a very, very impressive display of core and upper body strength," says Bruno. "Go try it for yourself to see just how difficult this is. He’s been working super hard to get his body right for his upcoming world tour next month, and as a trainer it's very cool to see a guy in Justin’s position in life pushing himself like this in the gym."

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