Watch Coco Ho and Stephanie Gilmore Have Tons of Fun Surfing France

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Coco Ho is a Ho of the highest order.

The sister of Mason, daughter of Michael, and niece of the late Derek, Coco rips hard enough to pay respect to her legendary last time every time she surfs.

In a recent Pipe Masters profile, Coco opened up about what it would mean to win the contest. In September, she and Mason competed as a team at the Quiksilver Festival in France. Before that, the siblings traveled to the Maldives with dad Michael tagging along, to compete in the super-exclusive, invite-only, Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy.

Over the weekend, Ho released a short film of her surfing France with a handful of pro ripper friends.

She captioned the edit above:

"FRENCH FROLICK - Coco Ho, Steph Gilmore, Juliette Lacome and Maud Le Car Surfing In SW France"

The caption pretty much sums it up, minus the nudists at the top of the video. Hey, it is France, after all.

It's under four minutes of the ladies ripping back-to-back fun, head-high waves.

After all of the contest footage we see where surfers are taking it all so seriously, it's a nice change to watch the pros surfing just for fun.

Press play above for a session with Coco.

Viewers were stoked. Check out a few of the comments below:

"Dope tunes, amazing performance, and a great show from the Pretty one of the family."

"Very cool, love the soundtrack and it’s always great to see Coco"

"Good surfing and music"

"Those dudes....that's another way to get no tan lines huh"


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