Venus in Virgo Wants You To Demand the “Princess Treatment”

Venus in Virgo 2023 Meaning

After spending five months in Leo, Venus, the planet of love, romance, attraction, manifestation, and money, moves into Virgo from October 8 to November 8, 2023.

If you're tired of hearing about Venus in Leo, you're in luck because this is the last time you'll have to read about it for a while. Venus has been in Leo since June 5, 2023, creating a lot of drama during its retrograde from July 22 to September 3, 2023. But now, after months of stirring things up, Venus is moving into the sign of its fall, Virgo, and things are cooling down significantly. However, this month's Venus in Virgo transit is complicated. Venus is debilitated in Virgo, which means it's weakened in this position. And after a summer full of Venus in fiery fixed sign energy, Venus in Virgo might make you feel timid and unsure of yourself at times. But it's also the first step toward putting yourself first again. This sudden energy shift reminds you that the simple things are important.

Keep reading to learn how Venus in Virgo will affect each zodiac sign.

What Does Venus in Virgo Mean in Astrology?

Venus is the planet of love, romance, affection, attraction, and desire. In astrology, Venus is a "benefic" planet that brings joy and satisfaction. It plays a significant role in attracting things in life and shows what you desire most. Venus is responsible for all of life's greatest pleasures. When Venus moves into Virgo, your decisions and stances regarding love are rooted in service and giving. This may lead to disagreements and fears about the balance of giving and taking in relationships and shifting power dynamics to suit both partners. Venus in Virgo places a strong emphasis on seeking love that feels natural. Many people believe love must be earned, but Venus in Virgo is a reminder that your love is a prize.

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When Is Venus in Virgo 2023, and What Should You Expect?

This year, Venus in Virgo begins on October 8, 2023, and will stay there until November 8, 2023, showing you you're not the second option. When Venus is in Virgo, it's time to get honest about what you want. The most challenging part of this transit lasts from October 6, 2023, to October 10, 2023, when Venus in Virgo forms a strong opposition to Saturn in Pisces. When Saturn, the planet of discipline, connects with romance planet Venus, expect to feel isolated and lonely. You may be tempted to give someone an undeserved chance, but don't let this loneliness set you back. Although this period may be emotionally challenging, it is also an excellent time to focus on dating yourself and strengthening your confidence. If you are willing to dig deep, you can experience a lot of personal growth.

Venus will also play a significant role in both of the eclipses set to occur during October. This month's eclipses are in Venus-ruled signs (Libra and Taurus), which is challenging since Venus is debilitated in Virgo. Eclipse season is a time of rapid change that can cause unexpected revelations, which means your relationships could be hit twice over the next few weeks. First during the new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, and again during the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus from October 28-29, 2023. There's a focus on creating new dynamics in love and putting your energy where it's best reciprocated. This eclipse season is a karmic checkpoint allowing you to confront your past baggage and move forward with a new view of love.

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How Venus in Virgo Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will be the most influenced by Venus in Virgo. Not only is Venus spending the entire month in the transformative energy of earth sign Virgo, but Saturn will also be in Pisces, adding to the stress. Expect a significant change in how you express your affection for others. You're teaching yourself to speak up when your needs aren't being met. If you're single, the next few weeks are ideal for dating yourself and learning what you naturally gravitate toward. If you're spoken for, this could be a chance to express your needs to your partner. Tough transits might bring the mood down–but they can also be a good time to deal with difficult conversations.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will reclaim their power over the next few weeks, thanks to Venus in Virgo and Pluto stationing directly in Capricorn. There's been a significant change in how you view yourself over the last few months, and now you're ready to debut the new you to the world. Venus in Virgo is all about showing love through your actions. Throughout the month, you'll be allowed to define your values in a new way. It's time to void the outdated contracts in your life that only serve other people's interests and start aligning yourself with people who honor and respect your authority. Use this energy to think logically about what you want and act accordingly.

Finally, the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will feel like they've suddenly hit a brick wall when Venus enters Virgo. You've followed your passion the entire time Venus was in Leo–and now you're learning that love can be found in the little details. This is the ideal time to problem-solve in your relationships and discover new ways to deepen your bonds with other people. You've been doing things for yourself for the longest time, but this transit is your reminder that sharing life's small, intimate moments with someone is one of life's greatest gifts. The stars challenge you to give selflessly in your relationships over the next few weeks and watch it change your connections. This is also a perfect time to commit to self-improvement as you allow love to transform your worldview.

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