Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2023

Welcome to October 2023! There's a humming in the crisp autumn air, and the stars are gearing up for a dramatic celestial show. Thanks to that Mercury retrograde that spun out of control last month, you might still be losing your mind. But somewhere in the coming weeks' chaos, there's calculation about what comes next. October is a strange twist of fate that will demand a lot from you emotionally. And if it feels like you've finally reached your breaking point, that might be a sign that you're on the verge of a breakthrough.

As the Autumnal equinox passes and the days grow shorter, the collective energy shifts inward. Astrologically speaking, October 2023 might feel like a return to square one. The shift from Libra season to Scorpio season could reveal that some paths are not meant for us, no matter how much we desire them. It's natural to question how you ended up in this situation, but it's important not to get bogged down by the past. Instead, the stars will challenge you to turn off the straight and narrow so you can find a way forward.

Here's a look at all the astrological events happening in October 2023, plus your personalized monthly horoscope.

Astrological Events Happening in October 2023

We start the month with the harmonious vibes of Libra season, which will inspire you to seek out peace and pleasure. Mercury enters Libra on October 4, 2023, bringing some much-needed calm to everyone's communication. After the Mercury-Venus dual retrograde last month had everyone fighting, Libra's fair and balanced energy is here to extend the olive branch. When Venus enters Virgo on October 8, 2023, it's a chance to slow down and settle into a new rhythm. Venus is in "detriment" in Virgo, placing it in a challenging position. Listen to what your body is telling you, and honor those requests.

Pluto ends its five-month retrograde when it stations direct in the sign of Capricorn on October 11, 2023. This planetary backspin brought major power struggles to the surface and redefined your self-worth. During the final days before Pluto retrograde ends, give yourself credit for all the times you defied the odds. Mars will move into the moody waters of Scorpio on October 11, 2023, and it's the sign you've been waiting for. When Mars is in Scorpio, it's a chance to dig deep and invoke change. Mars is in rulership in Scorpio, placing it in a strengthened position. And this transit will be extra powerful thanks to the final eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio cycle at the end of the month.

The first of the month's two eclipses will grace the skies on October 14, 2023. This new moon solar eclipse in Libra casts a shadow on the sun. As a result, you're going through your own dark night of the soul. Embrace it. This 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse promises to show you the light. On October 21, 2023, Mercury will slide into Scorpio and cozy up next to Mars. With these two planets working together, you can utilize your intuition in a big way. This energy will only strengthen when Scorpio season begins on October 23, 2023. Your eyes are adjusting to the darkness. What do you see?

Finally, the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, the final eclipse of 2023, will take its curtain call between October 28-29, 2023. Eclipses are significant in astrology, marking milestone moments in your life's journey. And October marks a karmic moment where you can connect with the blueprint of destiny. For the last 18 months, the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses have caused everyone to rethink their value. Now, as the eclipses move toward the pioneering and passionate energy of the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle, it's time to liberate yourself from what's expected of you. You can take it from here.

Important Astrological Dates in October 2023

For those of you who like to write everything in your calendar ahead of time – these are the dates you'll want to keep an eye on this month.

October 2023 Major Astrological Events:

  • October 4, 2023: Mercury enters Libra

  • October 8, 2023: Venus enters Virgo

  • October 10, 2023: Pluto direct in Capricorn

  • October 11, 2023: Mars enters Scorpio

  • October 14, 2023: New moon solar eclipse in Libra

  • October 21, 2023: Mercury enters Scorpio

  • October 23, 2023: Scorpio season begins

  • October 28-29, 2023: Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus

October 2023 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

Curious to learn what the stars have in store for you this month? We recommend reading the horoscopes for your sun and rising signs for the most accurate message.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

You've been living in the world alone, Aries, and now it's time to reconnect. The new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, could cause sparks between you and a romantic partner, for better or worse. It's easy to be gracious in love when things are going well. But your closest relationships' real strength is tested when things don't go as planned. When you feel like closing up, crack your heart open. When you feel like going out alone, grab a hold of your best friend. Stop dragging your heart around. Isolation doesn't make you stronger than everyone else.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You're in the final stretch of a challenging period, Taurus. Something you set your sights on is finally coming to fruition. And after nearly two years of the eclipses setting you back–it'll all fall into place during the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 29, 2023. This cosmic event is so significant for you that everything else feels like a lead-up to the main event. It could be tempting to hide under the covers for the next four weeks, but what fun would that be? This month is a great time to get out and celebrate your arrival. Even with the winds of air shifting around you, you can find serenity in the eye of the storm.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You're making moves behind the scenes this month, Gemini. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will spend the first half of the month in Libra, challenging you to utilize your network in a new way. This is an excellent time to dream as big as possible and bounce ideas off fellow creatives. It's also an opportunity to network and make some key connections. Once Mercury shifts into Scorpio later in the month, you'll have a chance to explore some new ideas more deeply. Your biggest challenge will be setting aside time for your solo projects during such a sociable month. Try to find a new routine that works for this new you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The supermoon in Aries last month revealed everything you need to know: Cancer. Now, this month's eclipses want you to act on the information you have. As the only sign ruled by the moon, eclipse season tends to hit you harder than most. This is a reflective and profoundly nostalgic time for you. As Pluto moves direct in Capricorn on October 10, 2023, you might feel a symbolic shedding of your skin. Some sudden changes are coming your way. Denying your calling any longer is only delaying the greatness you hope to achieve. October is your chance to finally throw it all out. Trust us, you won't need it.

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Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

This month feels like a sleepy one for you, Leo. With two eclipses this month, your planetary ruler the sun doesn't shine as bright as usual. Similarly, you're stepping back from the spotlight for the next few weeks. You've been playing nonchalant, but now is your chance to sit back and process everything you've been through. The astrology of October has a lot of uneasy aspects that mostly have nothing to do with you. Don't make it your problem unless you like living in the melodrama that will follow. You've outgrown this version of yourself–don't turn back now after all the progress you've made.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You thrive in the chaos, Virgo, so this month's energy is nothing new for you. Your planetary ruler will divide its time between Libra and Scorpio, and Venus will spend the next couple of weeks settling into your sign. This month asks you to see through the shady behavior and make some decisions for yourself. Other people might try to convince you the situation isn't what it appears, but don't make hasty judgments without proof. Of course, Venus is about much more than romance. So, if you start feeling the urge to be critical, focus on your finances and get your budget in shape. Stack those savings!

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Libra (Sept. 23-Oct 22)

You're not in the swing of things yet, Libra. In fact, you're just getting started. You'll begin to feel something shift when Mercury enters your sign, but the real aha moment won't arrive until the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023. Isn't it funny how you always find your way back to yourself when things fall apart? During this time, you are learning to live without the things you once believed were necessary. When exploring new ideas, you usually take a measured approach. However, these initial moments present an opportunity for bold action. October is your month, so don't be afraid to dance with your dark side.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

This is a new era, Scorpio, and it's one where you call the shots. You're used to making backup plans for your backup plans, just in case you've chosen wrong. But this month, when Mars moves into your sign on October 11, 2023, there's a focus on connecting with the divine. New blessings are coming; you must be open to accepting what the universe offers you. As the sun enters your sign on October 23, 2023, it's an opportunity to lay all your past dreams on the altar. You've never known yourself better than you do at this moment. And it's time for that great and glorious transformation once again.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Don't be surprised if you get in the holiday spirit early this year, Sagittarius. With Mercury settling into Libra on October 4, 2023, you might feel called to start forging deeper bonds with the people (physically) closest to you. Think neighbors, old acquaintances, or even new connections that could open up opportunities for you. Of course, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is still retrograde, reminding you that sometimes you get to be the teacher, and other times you must be the student. You've been through a time of uncertainty. Don't get ahead of yourself now and ruin a good thing. Everything comes in due time.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

How does it feel to finally be free, Capricorn? You're used to playing by the rules. But for the last five months, Pluto retrograde in your sign has destroyed any false faith you might've had in people. And this month is your chance to re-prioritize who gets access to your energy. Your loyalty takes work. You’ve been hurt and taken advantage of to some degree, but it’s time to move past that and heal. There's power in strength, and there's power in walking away. It's not about a vendetta, and it's not about getting even. It's about finally laying to rest a phase in your life that has held you back longer than needed.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

You have a unique and specialized set of skills, Aquarius. And this month, they are coming in clutch in ways you never anticipated. The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, could have you envisioning yourself in a position of power or a new path entirely. You do your best when you're learning something new and bringing other people up with you. If you're feeling bored or restless this month, look for ways to make slight improvements that positively impact yourself and the people around you. Of course, you'll want to be mindful not to work too hard. Your true power lies in your ability to think outside the box.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

There's never been a sexier time to be a Pisces. Mars moves into Scorpio on October 11, 2023, and will have you exploring exciting new realms. And the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, will send a shockwave through your subconscious. This is a time to push yourself beyond that surface-level Pisces curiosity and dig deep into anything that stirs a feeling in your soul. Embrace the taboo and get to the root of why your fears really freak you out. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 29, 2023, is a paradigm shift that can set you up for success. It's a perfect time to challenge other people's perceptions of you. Be as specific as you want with your manifestations; you make the rules.

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