Tucson Fire Department Heroically Saves Dog Who Was Pinned Under Flipped Car

Our immediate thought about fire departments is that they respond to fires, but that is far from their only responsibility. Firefighters are also EMTs and most of their calls are actually related to medical emergencies. Believe it or not, these medical emergencies can include animals too.

The Tucson Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident on September 3. Upon arriving on the scene, witnesses informed the team that a dog was pinned underneath the car. And in no time at all, they sprung into action. Take a look at a photo of one of the rescuers with the dog they saved that was shared to the fire department's X account, @TucsonFireDept.

This makes us so happy! Who knows what would've happened to the dog if it weren't for the fire department's quick response, especially since the driver fled the scene. We hate to think that a person could abandon an animal like that, but it unfortunately happens more than you think.

The responders had to use a hydraulic spreader to lift the car up and free the dog, which they reported as a small Beagle and Pug mix. The crew then splinted and wrapped the dog's injured leg before taking him to the Pima Animal Care Center. Wow, this is a dog rescue for the books. But wait, there's even better news. This dog has already found a new home. We're beyond thrilled this pup got not only a second chance at life but also a new forever family.

Car accidents are very scary, especially when driving with pets. Pets can distract you from driving safely, which is why it's best to keep them confined and restrained. From harnesses that can get buckled to portable carriers, there are plenty of options to keep your pet safe.

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