'Trump can deport you': Teacher terminated for threatening boy who didn't say, 'Yes, sir'

A teacher at Barack and Michelle Obama Ninth Grade Center in Texas, is unemployed after threatening a teen student with deportation. (Screenshot: CBS DFW)
A teacher at Barack and Michelle Obama Ninth Grade Center in Texas, is unemployed after threatening a teen student with deportation. (Screenshot: CBS DFW)

A teacher in Texas lost his job for suggesting that a Hispanic student, who didn’t address the teacher as “Sir,” could be deported.

“He told him, ‘Even though you are a citizen, Trump is working on a law where he can deport you, too, because of your mom’s status,’” the boy’s mother, who is in the United States legally and asked to remain anonymous, told CBS DFW. Even though they are citizens, her son now fears that he and and his mother will be deported.

The station reports that the boy didn’t wear a belt to The Barack and Michelle Obama 9th Grade Center on Tuesday and was suspended in-house. The school dress code states that belts are “required.”

Video: Teacher Fired, Tweeted to Deport ‘Illegal Students’

According to a text message the boy sent his mom, the teacher was upset that he said, “Yeah” and not, “Yes, sir” during a conversation. So the teacher asked the student whether his parents were U.S. citizens, if he had knowledge of the 14th Amendment (which addresses citizenship), and showed him a coin that read, “ICE.”

The mom told CBS DFW that she confronted the teacher and saw the coin herself. She also reached out to a local organization called Parents Supporting Parents for advice.

Chenique Lewis, a founding member of the group, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the mother is satisfied about the teacher’s termination, adding that recently, two other families said that the same teacher made other deportation threats.

Elijah Granger, the superintendent of Lancaster Independent School District (ISD), shared a statement with Yahoo Lifestyle: “On August 28, 2019, the district administration was made aware of the alleged comments made by a staff member to a student. The staff member was placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation. Lancaster ISD does not support, nor will we tolerate behavior that promotes division. Our school district takes pride in being an inclusive district that puts students first regardless of their background. It is our goal to ensure a quality education for all students and a safe learning environment.”

An update line read, “As of today, August 29, 2019, the staff member is no longer an employee with Lancaster ISD.”

On Thursday night, Lancaster ISD held a board meeting, which Granger tells Yahoo Lifestyle was “very productive.”

Granger tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the district will “implement programs and committees that will promote an inclusive environment that is focused on educating all students in a loving and caring environment.”

He added, “I will do my best as the leader of this district to ensure that we have an inclusive environment that promotes love and respect — anything short of that will not be entertained or tolerated.”

Granger could not confirm to Yahoo Lifestyle whether the teacher was officially fired, only that he is “no longer an employee” as of Thursday.

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