What trends do you want to see bloom in the spring?

Sacramento living room 051
Sacramento living room 051

Trade Tales | Mar 29, 2024

By Aidan Taylor

As the flowers begin to bloom, we decided to ask 10 designers—Guillaume Coutheillas, Kyle Dutton, Brit Epperson, Kim Gordon, MaryBeth Long, Esther Lundstrom, Barrett Oswald, Victoria Tomlinson Cole, Tancred Vilucchi and Tami Wassong—which design elements they want to see more of this season.

Barrett Oswald and MaryBeth Long
Barrett Oswald and MaryBeth Long - Photo Credit Courtesy of Barrett Oswald Designs

Enhanced Walls

“We love seeing the resurgence of wallpaper and paneling in larger spaces like living rooms. While there is always less risk of adding moldings or wallpaper to a powder room, the bold enhancement of walls in a focal area is something we hope to see more of this spring. We are well-versed in designing homes for young families and have always been mindful of the importance of functionality, but we’ve noticed that clients in our area are more open to inviting a new level of elegance to everyday living, and we would love to see more of that this season.” —Barrett Oswald and MaryBeth Long, Barrett Oswald Designs, New York

Victoria Tomlinson Cole
Victoria Tomlinson Cole - Photo Credit Courtesy of Victoria Tomlinson Cole

Curated Collectibles

“I love that it seems like curated and collected decorative pieces are making a resurgence. Nothing makes a home feel homier and more loved than groupings of books, objects, art and collectibles from your travels and everyday life. I love that I am seeing clients embrace children's artwork on shelves next to more valuable objects and artwork.” —Victoria Tomlinson Cole, New York

Guillaume Coutheillas
Guillaume Coutheillas - Photo Credit Courtesy of FrenchCalifornia

Goodbye Quiet Luxury

“I would love to see a return to maximalism and more eclectic spaces. The quiet luxury trend has transcended fashion and has dominated the interiors space for a few years. I [hope] to see designers and clients lean into vintage and interesting objects in the planning and design phases, mixing different genres and styles of pieces.” —Guillaume Coutheillas, FrenchCalifornia, New York and San Francisco

Kyle Dutton
Kyle Dutton - Photo Credit Courtesy of Kyle Dutton

Return to the Earth

“I’m excited to see life return to the home this spring, with real walnut or white oak cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms. Gone are the all-white kitchen cabinets of the past—natural luxury [in the form of] warm, rich elements like wood, natural stone and earthy colors are here to stay!” —Kyle Dutton, Kyle Dutton Home & Design, Houston

Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon - Photo Credit Courtesy of Kim Gordon

Enjoy the Outdoors

“Spring for me is a time to look around your place and make those changes that you didn’t realize you needed: We are fixing up our gardens and really looking at our patio and lawn spaces, thinking about al fresco dinner parties and fire pits. A deep clean is always good to bring in some of that fresh air too—[and when you do a] closet edit, look at the draperies and window coverings too—[it might be time to] lighten up!” —Kim Gordon, Kim Gordon Designs, Los Angeles

Tami Wassong
Tami Wassong - Photo Credit Sandra Geroux

Vibrant Originality

“[I’m excited to see] saturated colors used to create sophisticated moody spaces. We need to have more vibrancy in our interiors. This can be done to an entire room, or you can start out small with accessories and art. Layering in deep tones can create a calming space if done properly—no need to have an all-white neutral interior. [I also love seeing an] emphasis on unique finds and custom-designed pieces instead of replicating what you see on social media.” —Tami Wassong, Tami Wassong Interiors, New York

Tancred Vilucchi
Tancred Vilucchi - Photo Credit Valentina Socci

Lively Colors

“With the controversial economic and political time we are living in, we need more than ever to be surrounded by colors and textures that make people feel good and happy. Organic patterns; soft, voluptuous and sensual lines; and fresh, lively color palettes are the trends I’d love to see for the spring. A balance and a combination of [these elements] reflect life and spread out positive energy.” —Tancred Vilucchi, Maison Vilucchi, Los Angeles

Brit Epperson
Brit Epperson - Photo Credit Courtesy of Studio Plow

Let’s Be Playful

“Perhaps it was our cold, endlessly rainy Northern California winter, but I’m craving playfulness for the spring. Surround me with joyful color, soft shapes and wild textures as much as possible. It may not be industry-wide, but my personal growth (and thus design life) is shifting, searching for ways to be less precious, perfect and restrained.” —Brit Epperson, Studio Plow, San Francisco

Esther Lundstrom
Esther Lundstrom - Photo Credit Willy Sanjuan

Celebrate Craftsmanship

“I’d like to see more soft pastel hues and earthy tones in color palettes, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Tone-on-tone furniture with different materials on the same furnishing establishes an upscale allure. I’d love to see items like this shine in the spring, whether it’s brighter colors for the warmer days or more muted tones.” —Esther Lundstrom, Lundstrom Interiors, Santa Monica, California

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