Top Five: Inclusive STEM Sites

STEM sites that promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity empower underrepresented communities

Careers in the STEM field are becoming more in demand, but women and the LGBTQ+ community are still very much underrepresented in the STEM/STEAM workforce. Many factors contribute to the confidence gap, such as gender stereotypes like STEM fields being viewed as male-dominated and teachers and parents underestimating girls' math skills. Despite the abundance of STEM websites, we wanted to spotlight inclusive sites that value diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Inclusive STEM Sites
Inclusive STEM Sites

Girls Who code

'Girls Who Code' is an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap. Through free club programs for 3rd-12th graders, college & career programs for ages 18-25, and summer programs for 9th-12th graders, the organization prepares girls, women, and nonbinary individuals for the future of technology. More than half of the individuals they serve come from historically underrepresented groups, such as Black, Latinx, or low-income families. Through their 'Code at Home' section, filled with free computer science activities, books, and online resources, they have reached 14 billion young adults, children, parents, and educators worldwide. Girls Who Code's core values are bravery, sisterhood, and activism to build future leaders.

Stem gems

Stem Gems began as a book to provide young girls and women with a dedicated source of female role models in STEM. It showcases the stories of 44 women from diverse STEM careers spanning various ethnicities and ages. The book's success led the authors to create a website called "Stem Gems," where anyone interested in STEM can read real-life stories of Gems who overcame challenges and achieved success. The website also provides a wealth of advice and resources on the necessary steps to pursue a career in the STEM field. The Stem Gems website says: "Through the powerful stories of the STEM Gems in this book, girls and young women will have their pick of current role models of all ages, ethnicities, and job types. And through the eight chapters that outline actionable steps, girls and young women will learn what they can do right now, today to set themselves up for success and to create their own unique paths."


If you're looking for a website that offers a variety of interactive features and virtual environments, Alice is the perfect destination for you. You'll have access to various activities such as coding 3D games, designing puzzles, building animations, and creating interactive narratives. The platform aims to "support all ranges of Alice usage by creating and sharing best practices for all of these applications." Moreover, if you're a teacher, Alice offers an additional benefit through the Alice Project. This platform provides teaching materials for all age groups, enabling you to instruct students on using Alice while promoting diversity in computer science. Alice also offers a variety of resources and a place for users to connect through their community.


The STEM field should be open to everyone, including the 1.3 billion people with disabilities worldwide. I-Stem understands that and is here to support individuals with disabilities through technology, community, and support services. Their website has numerous programs, such as fellowship and mentorship, tech training, and connections to inclusive employers in the recruitment sector, all aimed at empowering people with disabilities. In addition, the annual event, Confluence, is an excellent opportunity for those interested in workshops, training, and networking. By joining the I-Stem community, you can become more proficient in tech and feel welcomed in the STEM field.

Inclusive STEM Teaching Project

For those fascinated by STEM and eager to expand their knowledge, the Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is a worthwhile destination. This program offers an all-encompassing educational experience devoted to enhancing self-awareness and efficacy. By studying real-life scenarios emphasizing equity and inclusion in learning environments, you'll gain valuable insights. Additionally, the website provides learning communities, where you can bond with like-minded individuals and discuss the lessons you've learned. You can even register for free virtual sessions to ask questions and learn more about what to expect.

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