The Top 15 Michael Keaton Movies, Ranked

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Michael Keaton is a versatile actor known for his incredible range, from intense dramas to hilarious comedies. Over the years, he has delivered numerous memorable performances that have solidified his status as one of Hollywood's most respected actors. Here, we take a look at 15 of his best movies, spanning various genres and showcasing his talent.

Top 15 Michael Keaton movies, ranked!

15. Birdman (2014) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Emma Stone and Edward Norton and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu Keaton's performance is raw and captivating, earning him critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

In this unique and surreal film, Keaton portrays Riggan Thomson, a washed-up actor famous for playing a superhero, who attempts to revive his career by staging a Broadway play. The film blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, as Riggan grapples with his inner demons while trying to prove himself as a serious actor.

14. Multiplicity (1996)

Starring Andie MacDowell and Eugene Levy, this comedy was directed by Harold Ramis. Keaton plays Doug Kinney, a stressed-out construction worker who clones himself to manage his hectic life. However, things quickly spiral out of control as each clone develops its own personality and agenda.

Keaton's comedic timing shines as he portrays multiple versions of the same character, each with distinct quirks and mannerisms. Multiplicity is a lighthearted and entertaining romp that showcases Keaton's comedic talents.

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13. Out of Sight (1998) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez and directed by Steven Soderbergh Out of Sight is a suspenseful thriller that showcases Keaton's ability to command the screen, even in smaller roles. Keaton plays Ray Nicolette, a federal marshal hot on the trail of a charismatic bank robber (Clooney) and a no-nonsense U.S. Marshal (Lopez).

As the cat-and-mouse game unfolds, Keaton's character finds himself drawn into a web of deception and desire. Keaton delivers a memorable performance in a supporting role, imbuing Nicolette with a mix of authority and charm.

12. Johnny Dangerously (1984)

Starring Joe Piscopo, Marilu Henner and Danny DeVito and directed by Amy Heckerling, Johnny Dangerously is a beloved cult classic among comedy fans. In this spoof of 1930s gangster films, Keaton stars as Johnny Kelly, aka Johnny Dangerously, a mild-mannered clerk who becomes a notorious gangster to support his family.

Filled with slapstick humor and witty one-liners, the film parodies classic gangster tropes while showcasing Keaton's comedic chops. His deadpan delivery and impeccable timing elevate the humor.

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11. Night Shift (1982) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Henry Winkler and Shelley Long and directed by Ron Howard, Night Shift is a comedy classic that showcases Keaton’s talents as a versatile actor. Keaton plays Bill Blazejowski, a fast-talking morgue attendant who teams up with his co-worker (Winkler) to run a prostitution ring out of the morgue. As their unconventional business venture grows, they find themselves entangled in hilarious misadventures and unexpected romances. Keaton's manic energy and comedic timing steal the spotlight.

10. Pacific Heights (1990)

Starring Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine and directed by John Schlesinger, Pacific Heights is a psychological thriller. Keaton portrays Carter Hayes, a charming yet manipulative tenant who terrorizes the unsuspecting owners of a San Francisco Victorian home. As Hayes's actions escalate from nuisance to nightmare, the homeowners (Griffith and Modine) find themselves trapped in a harrowing battle of wits.

Keaton delivers a chilling performance as the sinister antagonist, infusing Hayes with a menacing charisma that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Pacific Heights is a tense and suspenseful thriller that showcases Keaton's ability to inhabit complex and morally ambiguous characters.

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9. Clean and Sober (1988) Michael Keaton Movies

In this drama starring Kathy Baker and Morgan Freeman, Keaton portrays Daryl Poynter, a real estate agent struggling with drug and alcohol addiction who checks into a rehabilitation center. As Daryl confronts his demons and begins to rebuild his life, he forms unexpected connections with his fellow residents. Keaton delivers a nuanced and heartfelt performance, portraying Daryl's journey towards recovery with empathy and authenticity. Clean and Sober is a powerful exploration of addiction and redemption, anchored by Keaton's compelling portrayal.

8. Jackie Brown (1997)

Starring Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Brown is a stylish and suspenseful crime thriller that highlights Keaton's ability to command the screen, even in smaller roles. Keaton plays Ray Nicolette, a federal agent tasked with investigating a flight attendant (Grier) smuggling money for a ruthless arms dealer (Jackson). As the plot unfolds with twists and double-crosses, Keaton's character finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Keaton delivers a memorable performance in a supporting role, adding depth and intrigue to the film's ensemble cast.

7. The Other Guys (2010) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendes and directed by Adam McKay, The Other Guys is a hilarious buddy cop comedy that benefits from Keaton's comedic talents and his chemistry with the ensemble cast. Keaton plays Captain Gene Mauch, the long-suffering police captain who oversees the antics of two mismatched detectives (Ferrell and Wahlberg). As the detectives stumble upon a major financial scandal, they find themselves in over their heads, with Captain Mauch trying to rein in their reckless behavior. Keaton brings his trademark wit and deadpan delivery to the role, providing a perfect foil to the film's over-the-top humor.

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6. Mr. Mom (1983)

Starring Teri Garr and Jeffrey Tambor and directed by Stan Dragoti, Mr. Mom was a hit as soon as it came out. In this comedy, Keaton plays Jack Butler, a recently laid-off engineer who becomes a stay-at-home dad while his wife returns to work. As Jack navigates the challenges of household chores and childcare, hilarity ensues, leading to unexpected lessons and personal growth. Keaton's portrayal of Jack combines humor with heartfelt sincerity, as he embraces the role of a modern-day dad struggling to find his place in a changing world. Mr. Mom remains a beloved comedy classic, thanks in large part to Keaton's charming performance.

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei and directed by Jon Watts, Keaton plays Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, a salvage company owner turned high-tech arms dealer in this superhero film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Toomes clashes with Spider-Man (Holland), he becomes one of the web-slinger's most formidable adversaries. Keaton delivers a nuanced and menacing performance, bringing depth and humanity to the classic comic book villain. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a thrilling and entertaining addition to the Marvel franchise, with Keaton's portrayal of the Vulture standing out as one of its highlights.

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4. Batman (1989)

Starring Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger and directed by Tim Burton, this iconic superhero film is one of our favorites. Michael Keaton stars as the title character, Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. The movie follows Batman's crusade against crime in Gotham City, particularly his battle against the Joker (Nicholson). Keaton's portrayal of Batman was praised for its depth and complexity, as he brought a darker edge to the character. The film's success revitalized the superhero genre and cemented Keaton's place in it.

3. Beetlejuice (1988) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Catherine O'Hara and Geena Davis, this was another of Tim Burton’s movies. In this dark comedy, Keaton plays the eccentric and mischievous ghost, Beetlejuice. When a newly deceased couple seeks help haunting their former home, they inadvertently summon Beetlejuice, a chaotic spirit with his own agenda. Keaton's manic energy and offbeat humor steal the show in this cult classic, making Beetlejuice a timeless favorite among audiences.

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2. The Founder (2016)

Starring Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch and Laura Dern, The Founder was directed by John Lee Hancock. In this biographical drama, Keaton stars as Ray Kroc, the ambitious businessman who transformed McDonald's into a global fast-food empire.

The film chronicles Kroc's ruthless business tactics and the contentious origins of the McDonald's franchise. Keaton delivers a compelling performance, capturing Kroc's charisma and ambition, as well as his darker side. The Founder offers a fascinating look at the rise of one of the world's most iconic companies, with Keaton at the helm.

1. Spotlight (2015) Michael Keaton Movies

Starring Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Liev Schreiber and directed by Tom McCarthy, this gripping drama is based on true events. Keaton plays Walter "Robby" Robinson, the editor of the Boston Globe's investigative journalism team, Spotlight.

The film follows the team's investigation into the Catholic Church's systematic cover-up of child sexual abuse by priests. Keaton delivers a restrained yet powerful performance, anchoring the ensemble cast and bringing gravitas to the film's important subject matter. Spotlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture, further solidifying Keaton's reputation as a talented actor.

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