Tone Your Whole Body with One Resistance Band

Before stuck-in-the-gym season begins, take your workout outdoors. The exercises above, created by celebrity trainer David Kirsch, require only a park bench and a resistance band to work your entire body.

“You don’t need to have hundreds of pounds of weights, and you don’t need need to be inside a gym [to get a great workout],” says Kirsch, author of the new book Ultimate Family Wellness.

Kirsch’s workout uses multitasking moves, like a squat with a row, to target more than one body part at a time. This not only saves you time, it also challenges your core since your midsection is stabilizing your body during the exercises. Watch Kirsch demonstrate the workout in the video above, then head outdoors and try this fast full-body routine!

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Ultimate Family Wellness is available for pre-order here.

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