Todd Chrisley's 'Inhumane' Prison Conditions Uncovered in Letter Sent to Daughter Savannah

An alleged whistleblower is seemingly attempting to shed light on the "inhumane" conditions Todd Chrisley is currently enduring while serving his prison sentence.

In a lengthy letter sent to the TV personality's daughter Savannah Chrisley, someone who identified themselves simply as "Concerned FCP (Federal Prison Camp) Staff" details the situation that they, themselves, as well as other inmates and prison personnel, are facing in the Pensacola, Florida-based facility.

According to The Blast, the 26-year-old reportedly received the communication via email, proceeding to share it to her dad's Instagram account, where she tagged a slew of people in hopes of raising awareness.

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"Imagine this: the irony of a government shutdown looming and I receive an anonymous email from staff at @bureauofprisons FPC Pensacola voicing their concerned about inhumane working conditions. Now if the conditions are inhumane for staff that means they must be inhumane for the inmates, too. How could THE WARDEN let this happen? what is the Union going to do about it?" the caption of the social media upload read.

Additionally, she called on members of Congress to "investigate" further.

The letter lists issues such as black mold and no functioning air condition as temps "soar to over 100" degrees in the current heat wave, noting that "heat and mold is a horrible combination" as it's a "feeding ground for mold to grow out of control."

In June 2022, Todd and his wife Julie were found guilty of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Earlier this month, the daughter of the couple—who've been married since 1996—provided an update on how her parents have been doing while serving time behind bars. "That's another way that the system is broken. They've been together almost 30 years... they were together 24/7, and they've gone now eight months without speaking, and that's the tough part," she explained.

Her brother, the pair's son Chase Chrisleyrecently echoed that sentiment while speaking on his parents' status as well, revealing that it had been over 200 days since the married couple had spoken to each other—something he said is "really tough for them because my mom and dad are obsessed with each other."

Todd and Julie, who began their sentences in separate prisons in January, had their release dates moved up after being described as "model incarcerated individuals."

As Parade previously reported, with their shortened sentences, Todd, who was originally sentenced to 12 years, is scheduled to be released on Jan. 22, 2033, while Julie, who was initially supposed to serve seven years, is slated to be out on Oct. 19, 2028.

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