Tiny Rescue Dog's Refusal To Get Out of Bed Is All Too Relatable

If you had a hard time getting out of bed today, you're not alone. Even if you have a difficult time starting every day, there are plenty of others, including animals, in a similar position. That doesn't help--I know--but it does mean that we get adorable videos of sleepy pets...  because nothing is cuter!

Just ask the loving rescuer and owner of @eddieonwheels. She had the honor of loving Eddie from the time he was rescued until he passed away at the age of 8 in 2021. She often shares videos of her angel dog, and so many of them are of him refusing to get out of bed. His sassy struggles are just so relatable, including one throwback video Eddie's owner posted on April 20. Between his determination to sleep, her hilarious commentary, and his gorgeous bedhead--it's impossible not to smile!

Oh my goodness--Eddie is the sweetest little dog! It would take all of my willpower not to crawl into bed with him, and I'm sure his mom felt the same way. But she had a meeting to get to, and his nap would have to wait.

The way Eddie flopped back onto the bed had me actually laughing out loud, but when this rescue dog's mom started wheezing, I absolutely lost it. I had to watch the video a second time just to take in all the sleepy silliness! From the innocent, barely-awake look on his face to his sassy nips and barks, everything Eddie does is genuinely adorable. It's easy to see how this little Yorkshire Terrier had--and still has-- his mama's whole heart!

"My Chiweenie reminds me of Eddie," shared one commenter. "She snaps and snarls. If I move her, she hogs the bed. She has gotten quite grumpy in the last 6 months, and she is 13." Aww! That can happen as a dog gets older, but then it's even more important to show them the support and love (and sleep!) they need.

Why Are Dogs Grumpy After Sleeping?

If you feel like your furry friend has been particularly grumpy after taking a nap, that's because they probably have been! Many dogs don't enjoy being woken up mid-nap, and they may even be confused for the first few moments until they're more coherent That's why it's so important to wake up dogs as gently as possible.

Now, Eddie's mom spends her time caring for even more rescue dogs in Eddie's honor, and it pays off with so many more precious moments like the one in this video. Thank you for inspiring her, Eddie, and thank you for making so many people smile!

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