Tiny Dachshund Hops with Glee on His Very First Trip to the Beach

Watching our pets have their firsts is always such a fun thing. Whether it be their first car ride, pup cup or trip someplace new it's always so sweet to watch the world through their eyes.

One little miniature Dachshund has his first trip to the beach and his joyous reaction is just too cute for words. Check it out.

The precious video, shared by the TikTok account for @minidoxieralphie shows the adorable mini Dachshund too excited for a day at the beach. TikTok users can't get enough of this little guy and one person commented, "I wish i could feel that level of joy." Awwww! Another added, "My dog just went to the beach for the first time this year. I'm not sure he's ever had that much fun!"

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If you're ready for summer and beach time with your own pup, here are some things to remember.

What To Pack For Your Dog For a Day at the Beach

<p>Gergana Encheva/Shutterstock</p>

Gergana Encheva/Shutterstock

To make sure your dog has the best day ever at the beach, it's important to pack with items that they need so they can enjoy the day as much as you will.

First, make sure the beach you are going to allows dogs. Sometimes beaches have designated dog areas and the last thing you want is getting yelled at for bringing your pup to a no dogs allowed area! Dog-friendly beaches are not usually hard to find, but it can take some investigating. Many beaches that allow dogs have rules — from requiring them to stay on a leash and keep out of specific areas to rules for you about picking up after your dog. If you have a particular beach in mind, call the beach management office or look online to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Bring with their food, food dishes, water bowl and some bottled water, just in case you don't have access to clean water for your pup.

Bring with their collar, leash or harness, and a dog water vest to keep your dog safe while swimming.

Don't forget doggy waste bags to clean up after your pup!

A beach umbrella can keep your dog shaded from the sun, but believe it or not, your dog also needs sunscreen. According to the American Kennel Club, sunscreen protects dogs from sunburn. But using the wrong type of sunscreen can also cause problems. It’s important that you use sunscreen formulas that are specifically intended as sunscreen for dogs.

Don't forget a towel or blanket to protect your dog's paws from hot sand, and some dog-friendly wipes to clean off their paws. If the pavement is hot leading up to the beach you may want to put shoes or socks on your pup. Or even carry them!

Waterproof toys are a fun idea too.

And your cell phone camera to capture all the fun!

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