Tiffani Thiessen Shares Secret to Ageless Appearance Ahead of 50th Birthday

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Tiffani Thiessen is dishing out her secrets for aging fabulously.

While appearing on Friday's episode of celebrity nutritionist Shira Barlow's Good Instincts podcast, Barlow asked if she's ever felt like she was "not allowed to age" or pressured to look a certain way after her early success as a child star.

"Yes," Thiessen began. "It's funny, I was having this conversation the other day. About how when I was turning 40, and I'm gonna be 50 next [January], I feel like I had more personal pressure on myself to look the best I could at 40, where at 50, I feel very confident in knowing that I'm doing the best I can."

"I'm trying to put a good sense of self to show my daughter I take care of myself," Thiessen continued. "My son too."

Thiessen told Barlow that she "feel[s] so much more at ease now than I was even 10 years ago," hinting that it might have something to do with her ageless appearance. "I don’t know if it’s me just not giving a s—t," she joked.

The award-winning actress went on, sharing that she's embraced her authentic self more genuinely over the past decade, suggesting that has a lot to do with how youthful or ageless one may present.

"It’s a different feeling this time around hitting a bigger, you know, a bigger birthday this time," the White Collar alum added. "People may expect me to look a certain way, but it's just not realistic. I can only age the way I'm going to age."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Barlow, curious to see how growing up idolized by other teens could affect a person's relationship with themselves, also asked Thiessen to describe what it felt like to grow up in the public eye and be a poster in every teenage boy's room.

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The Saved by the Bell alum said at the time, she didn't know what to expect and that the series ended up being "bigger than she could have imagined," noting that when she was on the show during her teen years that, there's "a lot of [physical] changes" happening and "to do that on a show was kind of crazy."

Thiessen added that her mom warned her about not letting other people's beauty standards affect her and that self-confidence and self-love. She recalled her mother telling her, "'What's important is how you feel, how you perceive yourself, how you put yourself out there,' and it's true."

Even in her twenties, she ignored what magazines and tabloids said–good or bad–while watching co-stars do the opposite, noticing it wasn't always helpful.

And now, nearly 25 years later, she plans to instill the same supportive upbringing and self-care habits with her kids, especially when it comes to body image and changing appearances: "I'm the best I can be, and I'm taking care of myself and doing things that I know will benefit the outside exterior of myself that people are seeing. But those people don't know what's happening on the inside, which is what helps the outside."

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