Tiffani Thiessen Takes a Plunge Into an Outdoor Ice Cold Bath

Thiessen shared some quality time with her husband in 32 degrees.

Tiffani Thiessen has a chilly habit that she shared with her fans recently. The star has been taking ice baths alongside her husband, Brady Smith, enjoying some quality time in freezing temperatures.

Thiessen shared a photo of her latest dip on social media, captioning it, "Rain or Shine.. it’s still ice bath time 🧊#sundayfunday."

Smith also posted about the couple's ice bath, with the two smiling in matching beanies as a rubber duck floats in front of them. He wrote, "Love at 32 degrees.💙❄️💙❄️#icebath#embracethesuck."

Someone in the comments joked, "Where he heck are you two getting so much ice??!😂."

Many followers asked Thiessen about the health benefits of ice baths in the comments.

"Wow! What are the benefits that you experience from doing this? Im intrigued 🙌🤔," wrote an interested fan.

Another said, "That’s a giant nope. I’ll keep my hot tub thanks 😂😂."

Thiessen shared photos from her ice baths on social media before, with a dip from three weeks ago leading actress Jenna Dewan to comment, "Brave soul !!"

Someone else commented on the post to say, "A lot of people are doing this and some are overreacting with concern? It’s good for you. I can’t do it because of my heart but I would. Way to go girl!👏😍."

Ice baths or short dips in chilly water are a popular health trend right now, with others like Kristen Bell taking part as well.

Dr. Michael J. Nieto, a sports medicine doctor at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in California, told Good Housekeeping, "It has been shown that cold therapy or ice compression can result in decreased edema [swelling] and inflammation following an injury."

Many athletes use ice baths to help recover from injuries, and other people like Thiessen are joining in.

But make note—ice baths and cold plunging aren't for everyone, so check with your doctor before attempting it yourself.

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