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These fan-favorite reusable dishcloths are just $1 a pop — plus other sweet savings we found today


Bird feeder, Swedish Dishcloths, Planter
Today's deals will help you save big on finds designed for easy livin' this spring and beyond. (Amazon, Walmart)

Wake up and smell the savings! Each day brings surprising discounts and unexpected finds online — if you know where to look. This is your cheat sheet: We rise before dawn every morning to bring you 10 don't-miss deals before they disappear. Today, we've found an awesome Earth Month deal: Check out these reusable Swedish Dishcloths for $1 each! There are also sweet savings on spring delights such as this window bird feeder for just $25 and this tiered garden for $58, down from $140. And be sure you catch the $25 Sam's Club membership offer — that's half off. Pay it forward and pass this list to a friend: You don't want them to miss out!

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Earth Month has us thinking about sustainable cleaning products. Reusable cloths are a thriftier, more eco-friendly way to clean up than paper towels. Case in point: A single Swedish Dishcloth can be reused up to 100 times. They're fast-drying, odor-resistant, long-lasting and biodegradable. 

They've also racked up 43,000-plus five-star ratings. One fan who tried similar brands reported, "These are bigger and a little squishier and hold soap better. They are also well-textured on both sides, which is nice. Extremely durable and long-lasting as well. ... Far superior to sponges or brushes for dish cleaning. More cleaning surface area than a brush. ... Squeeze it out and it’ll suck up a lot of water, making them great for cleaning counters and tables too."

$17 at Amazon

Add some greenery to your balcony, porch or patio with this 4-foot-tall planter, now nearly 60% off. It'll be a happy home for all your flowers, herbs, veggies and succulents. The deep beds have holes that allow for proper drainage, while the triangular iron frame keeps everything nice and steady. The four included S hooks are handy for hanging your gardening tools on the back.

One "happy as can be" fan wrote, "Love this stand. I'm using it for my herbs instead of all separate pots. It sure makes harvesting so much easier and I couldn't be more pleased with the mobility. Not enough sun or too much sun? Simply move to desired location!"

$64 at Walmart

This weather-resistant acrylic bird feeder hangs tight using five solid suction cups and features drain holes to keep the inside fresh and dry. Just add food and wait for songbirds to visit. All three styles are on sale, and no assembly is required. Pick up some birdseed here.

Over 3,200 five-star fans sing its praises. "Brings wonder right to your window!" wrote one teacher. "I got one of these for my classroom window. The kids absolutely love it and will often gather round the window to watch the many different birds it attracts. ... Once the birds found it, it became such a hot spot that it needs to be refilled almost daily!"

This makes for a fun, thoughtful Mother's Day gift — and her cats will be riveted too. For more gift inspiration, check out our roundup of the best Mother's Day gifts for 2024.

$22 at Amazon

Don't miss this deal on a Sam's Club annual membership: Right now you can join for just $25, down from $50. Stock up on all your household essentials at warehouse prices, get exclusive discounts on big-ticket items and gain access to loads of discounted services, from optometry to auto care. Serious savings await.

Read more about the perks of a Sam's Club membership (and why I just joined) here.

$25 at Sam's Club

Create a cozy conversation area on your porch, balcony, deck or patio with this cushy, compact rattan set, on sale for over 40% off. The glass tabletop is removable, the covers are washable, the curved back design is ergonomic and the rattan is more weather-resistant than wicker.

"Easy to put together, did it myself," wrote a five-star fan. "Small and quaint. Just love how it turned out on my porch. Exactly what I was looking for."

$220 at Walmart

For just $30, you can turn a basic shower into an experience. The 7-inch rain head and the handheld each have six settings — from a gentle mist to pulsating massage — and you can use the two heads in unison. Plus you can install it yourself.

This popular shower combo has 34,000-plus five-star fans. "The water pressure in one of my bathrooms is horrible. Not anymore! " reported one happy shopper. "If you have long hair or have to bathe a dog, the handheld is awesome!"

Save $16 with coupon
$30 at Amazon

When there's unanticipated activity outside your home, you should shed some light on the situation — literally. We've found some motion-sensor LED lights on sale for just $30 (down from $80!) and they're solar-powered to boot. They're also a huge help for lighting a pathway or finding the right key in the dark.

One big fan wrote: "Easy to install, strong, bright light when it detects movement. Has been functioning perfectly in the past three months. Helps to light up walkway and good deterrent as it is very bright. The California sun charges it very well during the daytime. They look decent, sturdy."

$30 at Walmart

There's no excuse for wearing an uncomfortable bra these days when you can pick up a seamless, wireless, lightly lined one for 60% off. And it has a special trick too: It smooths the underarm area. There are several colors to choose from in sizes S to 3XL.

One happy shopper, who deemed this "The Most Comfortable Bra," reported: "I finally found it! The comfy bra at a comfy price! No nonsense, nice shape, includes the underarm flab ... all is contained nicely. I put it on and didn't have to fuss with it all day. I'm very active and on the go. This looks nice under my casuals and good with a low scoop neck or a V-neck ... I wash them in a lingerie bag and dry them in the dryer."

$19 at Amazon

They're ba-ack! If you want to keep mosquitoes at bay, one no-spray solution is this No. 1 bestseller, now on sale for $40 (was $60). Hang it on your porch or in any other prime biting zone. The mighty zapper is only 12 inches tall but covers up to half an acre. A removable tray makes cleanup painless.

One of the 9,900-plus five-star fans was moved to pen a poem, "The Rhapsody of Bug Zaps." Here's one stanza: 

"No longer shall we suffer, swatting and itching in despair,
For this wondrous bug zapper brings respite, a tranquil summer air.
Now, the backyard becomes a haven, a sanctuary sublime,
Where laughter lingers longer, and memories are enshrined."

$40 at Amazon

Grow the garden of your dreams this spring with the help of this No. 1 bestselling kit. You'll receive a rust-free trowel, a cultivator, a hand weeder, gloves, pruning shears, a hand fork, a hand rake and a spray bottle, all of which live happily in one super cute bag. The generous tote features easy-access pockets with fasteners that help everything stay put. It would make a fab (and useful) Mother's Day gift too — it even arrives packed in a giftable box.

One fan wrote: "It is so wonderful to have all my tools in one bag. The tools are strong and sturdy. I have used them to repot and prune. The clippers are very easy to handle and strong enough to cut vines and twigs. Plus the carrying bag is very pretty and durable. This kit is a must for all avid gardeners!"

$40 at Amazon

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