The Fat Jew Used Craiglist to Cast His Dad Fashion Show

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The Fat Jew at Alexander Wang Spring 2016 after party. Photo: Angela Pham/

At last night’s Alexander Wang tenth anniversary show, there was a starry front row that included Lady Gaga, Zoe Kravitz, The Weeknd, Bella Hadid, Tyga, and Kylie Jenner (whose security literally picked up one of our petite reporters and moved her so she couldn’t take photos of the couple). But slightly away from the fray, unable to get to his second row seat amid the paparazzi scrum, there was the sensation they call the Fat Jew. We caught up with the budding “dad fashion” designer and famous male model to talk about how his show next week, which will be nothing like the industry has ever seen. Literally.

Yahoo Style: What are you doing next week?

The Fat Jew: I’m deejaying and hosting a sweet sixteen in New Jersey for a girl’s father who either invented cruise control or the roof rack, I can’t remember which one. Yeah, I don’t know if I should be around that many 16 year olds, but this is happening. They hired me off of Twitter. AND they put in the contract that I have to keep my shirt on.


Yeah. My lawyer looked at it and was like, This is fine, but I have to tell you that they’re demanding that you not take your shirt off. It’s alright, I guess. But it kind of makes me want to do it more.

But don’t they know that you’re an international male model?

That’s what I’m saying! I want to show off the Shrek body! Let me show the Shrek body off.

Right? You didn’t do all of that work for nothing!

Exactly. If you’ve got this mediocre of a body, you want to flaunt it. It takes a lot of work to look this shitty. And I like I said, I wish it was a quinceanera, so if you’re having a quinceanera, please hire me. I will literally do whatever you want.

How’s your fashion line going?

It’s good, I have a show on Wednesday, all dad fashion. Just highlighting regular dads with very normal bodies.

Who did you end up casting for that?

All unknown models. A lot of Craigslist. And some real dads that I know. I’s a lot Rockports. A lot of sensible walking shoes. A lot of khakis. A lot pajamas with big giant plastic buttons. All dad shit.

You’re such a visionary.

Totally, I’m such a giver. I just can’t stop giving.

It sounds really exciting.

It’ll be really fun. There are going to be some hoagies. Very nontraditional Fashion Week food selection. A lot of Eagles music. It’ll be good.

A lot of “Hotel California”?

Totally. Just on repeat. Strictly dad shit. I’m going to bring dad fashion worldwide.

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