#TBT: Flintstones Orange Sherbet Push-Ups Will Always Be The Taste of Childhood

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As a kid, I only had eyes for one frozen treat. At the grocery store, gas station, or from the window of our neighborhood ice cream man’s Volkswagen Beetle, painted in swaths of black and white to resemble a cow, it was always the same. One Flintstones orange sherbet Push-Up for me, please.

Mention the Flintstones Push-Up to any person born in the ‘90s, and I guarantee you’ll be met instantly with a wave of nostalgic glee. The cardboard tube with attached push-up stick and the soft, pastel-colored sherbet were truly a match made in summertime heaven. They even had a rad commercial featuring Fred Flintstone rapping as a bunch of tweens straight out of Bayside High jam in the background, triumphantly hoisting their Push-Ups in the air. C’mon — you know that’s pretty cool. And while there were a few flavors of Push-Ups to choose from, like lime and grape, orange was always the way to go.

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I haven’t had an orange sherbet push-up in years. In fact, now the Flintstones aren’t anywhere to be found on the Push-Up packaging (a CRIME if I’ve ever known one, Nestle!). But still to this day, I can taste that distinctive Flintstones flavor in mind. Tart and tangy to start, giving way to the sweet, creamy undertones. There was nothing like that saccharine, faux-citrus flavor, which still lingers in my memory to this very day. Now that was the good stuff.

Sure — it always, always, ended up getting all over your hands, coating them in a thin sugar glaze that gave off the scent of artificial oranges. But hey, one of the major perks of being a kid is having a free pass to have sticky hands; it’s practically a right of passage.

And sure — the cardboard cover always got a little soggy by the end, crumpling as the layer of condensation on the outside grew somewhat slimy, the plastic circle pushing upward from the bottom, revealing layer after layer of the sticky sherbet.

But in the end, there was nothing like it, and still isn’t. Rest in peace, Flintstones Push-Ups, from this ‘90s kid and ‘90s kids everywhere.

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