What Would You Wear to a Taylor Swift Dinner Party?


Gigi Hadid wears leggings-as-pants while leaving Swift’s house. Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Taylor Swift held a casual little soirée at her New York apartment. It was the same crowd of girls one spots in her Instagram pics – the sole exception being Jack Antonoff, who showed up with girlfriend and noted member of the Swift Gang, Lena Dunham. (The paparazzi does not appear to have captured Taylor’s BF Calvin Harris entering or leaving the building, so we don’t know for sure if he helped Swift set up the dinner table, but our gut instinct says that yes he was in fact present and that that is why Antonoff made an appearance—dudes keep each other company.)

At first glance Gigi Hadid looked like a basic “model off-duty”—very tight, all black, with a leather jacket artfully draped over her shoulders in that very editorial way, despite the fact that it was super warm last night and definitely not leather jacket weather. But at second glance, she kind of looked like bad Sandy, at the end of Grease.


Karlie Kloss arriving at Taylor’s party, brown paper bag in tow (we wish it was booze but it’s probably Karlie’s Kookies). Photo: Getty Images

Then it was Karlie Kloss’s turn. She also wore all black, but embraced the fact that it’s summer and New York turns into an oven in the depths of hell in the summertime. Her off-the-shoulder top and long skirt with a slit up to there, were very boho-California, very chill. No one is more chill than Karlie.


Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff leave Tay-Tay’s party. Photo: Getty Images

The non-model component of the evening was made up of the aforementioned Dunham and Antonoff, who showed up in totally ‘90s matching denim ensembles. Dunham rocked a white spaghetti strap tank top, tucked into skinny jeans, under a black cardigan. The whole thing was very Gwyneth and Winona bff-era. Antonoff, meanwhile, was on some MC Hammer-meets-LL Cool J steez. We can’t decide which part of his outfit is the best. Is it the fact that he tucked his tee into the waistband of his exposed Hanes underwear, and that he’s wearing a very bold, and very gold varsity jacket with what look like zubaz pants? Or is it that his wearing a gold nameplate necklace that says "Bleachers", with super punk black boots and yellow laces? The whole thing is just MAY-JOHR.

A room full of models, actresses, and pop stars, and it’s Jack Antonoff that takes the fashion icon award home. Imagine that.

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