Target's New Super-Cute Purple Stanley Coolers are Causing Fans to Clear the Shelves

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If there's one thing life has taught us all, it's that when society loves something, they'll spend any amount to get it. Though this can be proven in many different ways, one way recently that it's consistently proven is through the craze that the Stanley brand has brought forth. From dupes to scams, the brand has literally become a pop culture icon and they continue to keep things going. Case in point: the new coolers that are taking both shoppers and Target by storm.

Released as part of its new summer drop, Stanley has been getting fans ready for the warmer months and no one is complaining one bit. While there are plenty of items to rant and rave about in the new line, the new 16-Quart Plastic Easy-Carry Outdoor Cooler is the one that seems to have caught everyone's collective eye.

Available in three gorgeous pastel colors—azure, pomelo and lilac—this cooler is the type of accessory that will keep the crowds talking wherever you go this spring and summer. Capable of holding 21 standard 12-ounce cans and staying cold for up 36 hours, this double-wall foamed cooler has a leak-resistant gasket, sturdy latches and handle and an adjustable bungee system to keep your additional items secure without a problem.

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Of course, after being spotted on content creator @anniemescallhome's Instagram, shoppers immediately took to the comments to show their excitement and desire to spend their bucks for this showstopper of a cooler.

"Stop it, it’s too cute!!" said one person. "Loving the purple vibes 😍😍😍" said another. Others in the comment section urged the creator to send the link so that they could purchase as soon as possible. And honestly, can you blame them?

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So what does something like this cost you? Well, for all that it offers—plus, the beauty that it exudes—you may be thinking $100 and up for this one, right? Surprisingly though, this cutie of a cooler clocks in at just $80. And while that still may be steep for some, what's $80 compared to the happiness you'll get every time you step out holding this? Chump change, if you ask me.

If you happen to be looking for something just as cute, but a little less stressful on the pockets though, you may still be able to nab this adorably blue $15 mini cooler at locations near you.

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