T&C Tried & True: Why The Crown Affair Dry Shampoo Is a Hair Routine Game Changer

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The Dry Shampoo That Is a Game Changer

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Hair, until recently, wasn't really something that I was interested in. I've always had baby-fine wavy hair that gets greasy easily, and after 31 years of not really caring, I started to really look after it last year. It all started with with a red light helmet to spur growth. Then came the Act + Acre Stem Cell System (more on that soon) for an added boost to my growth. Long story short, my hairline is hairline-ing and my hair is longer than it has been in years.

While on this journey, I took to washing my hair everyday, because I am continually trying to balance my exercise routine and honestly, I just didn't have the right grease-management routine yet. Yet. About two months into that near-daily wash spree, I met with Crown Affair founder Dianna Cohen about her products—all of which I love. It got me thinking about The Dry Shampoo, which I had used for a while, particularly as it was relevant to my hair journey.

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That meeting changed a lot for me, especially how I used dry shampoo. Before, it was really an 'in a pinch' fix, but not something I wove into my every day. However, Dianna's a compelling example of figuring out how to optimize a routine.

I knew going in that the Crown Affair dry shampoo felt different on my scalp— it didn't cake, or build up, or, frankly, leave my scalp feeling congested. This comes down to the application method—a kabuki brush—and formulation. Non-aerosol and talc free, the silky tapioca starch powder brushes on to the scalp with ease to absorb oils and gives a little oopmh, while tsubaki oil keeps things hydrated and calm. And the smell? Heaven. It doesn't compete with my personal fragrance and it's a lovely departure from the traditional overly perfumed aerosol. All of which to say, the formulation alone is a compelling reason to never go back.

These days, I can now stretch between washes because my dry shampoo ritual is integral. Once my hair is dry after a wash, I section and brush onto my scalp, which gives me soft Kate Moss volume (I'm an air dry messy wave girl). Then at the end of the day, I apply more to absorb oil before bed, and in the morning after my workout. Poof! No more daily hair washing, and my hair is much healthier for it—and I'm saving time!

Better still, Crown Affair has repackaged this little tub of goodness—don't worry it's still beautiful enough to leave out on your bathroom counter—to be refillable! Who doesn't love and appreciate a little less packaging waste to manage? All of which to say, I'm loyal to this dry shampoo, which actually was a game changer, forever.

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