This Sweet Lego Heart Ornament Is a Budget- and Kid-Friendly Gift for Mom

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Get Mom This Lego Heart Ornament For Mother’s Day

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OK, but wait: Mother’s Day is literally just two Sundays from now, so it’s time to get going on getting Mom her gift(s). In particular, if you’re still considering what to gift your wife (or perhaps just remembered that this is a thing that’s coming up — no judgment here), then we have a sweet suggestion for you — especially if you’re looking for something your kiddos can get in on.

The Lego Heart Ornament Building Kit is currently available on Amazon for just $13, making it a super budget-friendly gift that your kids can get involved with. With just over 250 pieces, it’s suitable for your 9-year-old (or any kids you might have who are older than that) to work on building so they can surprise Mom on the day.

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Heart Ornament Building Kit


Beyond being so stinkin’ cute (Mom will love it for that reason alone, honestly), this Lego set makes for a lovely little decoration Mom can display in the bedroom, the living room, or in her office. On the heart frame, your kids can arrange the pink hearts, colorful flowers, and greenery around it just the way they like. So, they can be proud of their unique creation made especially for Mom, and Mom can know that she has a totally special gift that shows off their sweet imaginations. What mom wouldn’t love that?

And what’s nice about this Lego kit is that the finished product won’t be too large, since it’s only a little over half a foot tall and wide. That makes it super easy to put pretty much wherever Mom wants to since it won’t take up too much space — especially given that she can hang it instead of setting it on a countertop or table.

So, if you’ve been looking for a super sweet gift that your kids can proudly gift Mom this Mother’s Day, we think you might’ve just found it in this totally adorable and affordable Lego Heart Ornament Building Kit.

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