'Straight pride' parade organizer accidentally calls own coalition a 'peaceful racist group'

Hope Schreiber

At a crowded city council meeting, where dozens gathered to protest a "straight pride" parade planned to take place in Modesto, Calif., the organizer of the event made an unfortunate gaffe while arguing his case. As he was met with jeers during his time at the podium, the head of the National Straight Pride Coalition said his organization was a "totally peaceful racist group."

Don J. Grundmann, the leader of the newly founded National Straight Pride Coalition, unintentionally made citizens, and city council members, burst out in laughter when he took the stage last Wednesday night as he attempted to defend his planned "straight pride" rally on Aug. 24.

At one point during his allotted time at the podium, Grundmann challenged city council member Kristi Ah You, claiming she "pulled the race card" while opposing his event.

"You attacked us as racists," Grundmann said, pointing at Ah You. "You pulled the race card to justify attacks against us in that park. When they come, you're going to turn right around and say we deserved it.

"We haven't done anything. We're a totally peaceful racist group."

In footage captured at the meeting, Ah You can be seen bursting out into laughter at Grundmann's mistake and pushing herself away from her microphone.

“I didn’t mean that comment,” Grundmann said, as he attempted to speak over the laughter of the crowd. “If you want to find a hatred group against blacks, who kill 20 million Americans, look at Planned Parenthood.”

While the National Straight Pride Coalition claims to be "inclusive of preventing the current and future generations of all races and colors from being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement," further reading of the manifesto claims that "Western Civilization," "Caucasians" and "Nationalism" are under "attack."

Grundmann, a chiropractor based in California, previously ran for Senate in 2018, focusing on controversial platforms such as banning all immigration, vaccines and same-sex marriage.

Grundmann did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

“Today, the city of Modesto has announced it has completed its review of the ‘Straight Pride’ event application, and has rendered its decision to the event organizer. Citing two serious concerns, the city has denied the request to reserve Modesto’s Graceada Park for the event,” Thomas Reeves, City of Modesto community and media relations officer, shared in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to the statement, the certificate of liability insurance for the "straight pride" rally was void, and is necessary to rent city facilities.

Modesto's Parks and Recreation Department, after consulting with the Modesto Police Department, also determined that the event is "not consistent with the use of Graceada Park and the Mancini Bowl based on security concerns, and is not compatible with other prior reservations issued for Graceada Park for the same day."

An alternative location has been suggested to Grundmann and the city has given him a deadline of 5 p.m. Tuesday to secure the required insurance.

“Also for consideration at Tuesday’s city council meeting is a resolution supporting inclusion and embracing diversity and an emergency ordinance amending the city’s municipal code,” the statement continued. “The resolution denounces hate, condemns oppression, supports inclusion and embraces diversity. It also encourages the citizens and community leaders to unite in support of tolerance.”

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