The Trumps are called a 'heartless couple' for grinning photo op with baby orphaned in El Paso shooting

The Trumps are being slammed over their photo op with a baby orphaned during the El Paso shooting.

The president and first lady visited Texas and Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday after last weekend’s mass shootings. Photos from the visits were posted to Melania’s Instagram and there has been criticism over their poses in one as they stand next to the baby, whose parents died saving his life, both grinning widely. Further, the president was giving a thumbs-up.

The photo is all over social media and critics of the president have dubbed it “disgusting” while the pair has been called a “heartless couple.” Actor John Cusack said “there is no bottom to the abyss,” while The View’s Ana Navarro-Cárdenas called the president an imbecile.

It has also been lost on no one that other victims of the shooting reportedly refused to meet Trump during his El Paso hospital visit. So the fact that the baby — who’s unable to speak for himself — was in a photo circulated by the White House is especially bothersome to many.

Andre and Jordan Anchondo were the parents of the child. They were shopping for party supplies for their daughter, who is turning 6, at Walmart when the shooting rampage began. Andre died protecting Jordan and she died shielding 2-month-old Paul, who was grazed by a bullet but survived.

After the shooting, Andre’s brother Tito told NPR that the Anchondo family has always been “Republican conservatives” and his brother “was very supportive of Trump.” He added that he wanted to meet with Trump “to see if he’s genuine” and “if my political views are right or wrong” as well as “see if he feels maybe some kind of remorse for statements that he’s made" about immigrants. “I just want to have a human-to-human talk with him and see how he feels.”

In addition to the couple, 20 others were killed in the attack, which federal prosecutors are treating as an act of domestic terrorism and a potential hate crime. The shooter reportedly posted a hate-filled, anti-immigrant manifesto online just prior to the mass shooting speaking of a “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and writing that white people are being replaced by foreigners.

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