Sneak Peek of Dolly Parton's 'Pet Gala' Proves It'll Be the TV Event of the Year

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If you were to ask any American what their top ten favorite things are, 99% of people would list dogs and Dolly Parton. Okay, so I just invented that statistic but am I wrong? No. Which is why everyone with any lick of common sense will be tuning into Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala on CBS.

This preview is amazing. This is going to be the TV event of the year.

For some absurd reason, I didn't receive a screener of this show, which come on, I absolutely should have, so I am relying on these amazing previews and reviews from other people more important than me who have been able to see this program.

KQED reports, "Each fashion show is narrated by Jane Lynch (Best In Show), who introduces dogs with names like Lucille Ball, La La, Lyra and — my personal favorite — Lieutenant Dan. (And yes, in case you were wondering, that dog is missing two legs.) Lynch offers commentary like “Here’s Lemon, in a nod to heavy metal headbangers everywhere,” and starts the “Patriotic Pups”-themed runway by yelling “Are you ready to party like it’s 1776?” (She finishes it by shouting “Dog bless America!” because of course she does.)"

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I have not even seen this show and I have already decided this is my favorite television show of all time.

This show will also have a segment dedicated to service dogs and dogs in the military, and what does those dogs have in common with Dolly Parton? They are all national heroes and must be protected at all costs.

There's also a segment where Dolly reads a bedtime story to a room full of dogs!

Random celebrities like Margaret Cho, Neil Patrick Harris, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Bell and Kristin Chenoweth have segments where they talk about their dogs! Chris Janson performs “Hound Dog” while he is accompanied by an actual Bloodhound wearing a tiny top hat! There are dog fashion shows!

While we are waiting for this show to air, we can also buy our dogs amazing items from Dolly's pet product line called Doggy Parton, and everything is amazing and I need all of it. The sweetest part? A portion of every purchase goes to Wila B farms Animal Rescue.

Everything Your Dog Needs from Dolly Parton's 'Doggy Parton' Line

Black Rhinestone Trim Cowboy Hat

My dog needs this hat.<p>Doggy Parton</p>
My dog needs this hat.

Doggy Parton

How amazing is this hat? If my dog wore this hat to the dog park the other dogs would ask him for his autograph. It comes in extra small so my cat may need one too.

Blond Bombshell Wig

All dogs need wigs. <p>Doggy Parton.</p>
All dogs need wigs.

Doggy Parton.

Oh my goodness! Here's from the item description, "Your pup can tap into their inner Dolly with a luxurious head full of golden locks. The queen of country music agrees that you’re never fully dressed without great hair, and good hair should always be shown off."

Rhinestone Moto Jacket

Oh my gosh. <p>Doggy parton</p>
Oh my gosh.

Doggy parton

Do they make this amazing jacket in like human adult sizes?

Plush Dog Bone Toy

This is amazing. <p>Doggy Parton</p>
This is amazing.

Doggy Parton

This hilarious dog bone has not one, but two squeakers for extra mental engagement.

I want absolutely everything on this website! And I cannot wait to watch the Pet Gala. I just know it will be airing in my house on repeat!

‘Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala’ airs on CBS and streams on Paramount+ on Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 11 p.m. On demand viewing will also be available for Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers on Feb. 22.

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