Flight With 30 Service Dogs in Training Is a Total Dream

Where can we buy a ticket to this flight?

We love traveling but taking a flight is totally hit or miss. You could get stuck in a middle seat, unable to fall asleep and pass the time. Or maybe, there are a few babies on your flight, which of course means crying. Trust us, we’ve been there before and it’s not easy to ignore.

All we know is that we’ll pay insane amounts of money to be on a similar flight that TikTok user @hopethefutureservicedog recently posted about. This dog was at the airport training to become a service dog, but she wasn’t the only one. Check out how many other dogs in training there were on this flight. It’s a total dream!

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O.M.G. This hands down has to be the best flight in existence. We wouldn’t even care if we were seated right next to the bathrooms. All those doggos on the flight would totally make up for it.

TikTok user @colin_and_loki asked what we’ve all been wondering, “How do I get tickets to this flight? I don’t care where it’s going. Don’t bother telling me.” SAME! We’ll pay tons of money to be on this exact flight. It beats having a kid on our flight any day of the week. LOL! Although, @amandajayem brings up a great point. She said, “Such torture. On a flight with the floofs and you can’t pet them.” Ugh, that thought just ripped our hearts in half, but we think it would still be worth it!

“This would be my dream flight!” commented @mal5639. Safe to say this would be all our dream flight. We’d be smiling the entire time on a flight like this!

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