Shakira's Net Worth In 2023 and How She and Her Hips Made It

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Shakira's net worth is staggering, but her earnings have also come into question in recent years.

She has had two separate criminal fraud investigations against her in Spain, alleging that while her hips don't lie, her tax returns might.

The first case is set to rule on whether or not she failed to pay $13.9 million in taxes between 2012 and 2014, while the second reportedly is linked to her 2018 income taxes. Her team has argued her innocence in both cases, the outcomes which will each be largely determined by her residency status: Her lawyers argued that her primary residences for both was in the Bahamas and that because she was touring heavily, she didn't actually live or stay in Spain long enough to have to pay taxes there.

The star's rep said in a statement, "[Shakira] defends having always acted in accordance with the law and under the advice of the best tax experts. She is now focused on her artistic career in Miami and is calm and confident that she will receive a favorable resolution of her fiscal issues."

Phew! In any case, find out Shakira's net worth in 2023 and how she earned it—and why she's likely to keep raking it in for years to come.

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How did Shakira become famous?

Shakira, born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, had a gift for writing since she penned her first poem when she was just four years old. The same year, her father took her to a Middle Eastern eatery, where belly dancers performed, sparking her love for performing. She began dancing in and around Barranquilla, Colombia, where she grew up.

When she was about 13 years old, a local theater producer met Shakira and advocated for her, eventually landing her an audition with Sony Music executives. They were impressed enough to sign her for a three-album deal, and debut album, Magia, in 1990, when she was still just 13.

Magia and its follow-up, Peligro, were commercially disappointing, and after the latter's release, Shakira took a break from recording to finish high school and starred in a Colombian TV series. She broke out in the Latin market with her 1994 single "¿Dónde Estás Corazón?," leading Sony to fund her third album, Pies Descalzos, which was released to commercial success and critical acclaim in 1995.

While she was a superstar in Latin music for years, she didn't cross over to English-speaking audiences until 2001 with Laundry Service, which boasted hits like "Wherever, Whenever" and "Underneath Your Clothes."

Since then, Shakira has won a total of 405 awards from 938 nominations (and counting), including three Grammys and 12 Latin Grammy Awards, making her the most-awarded Latin artist ever.

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What is Shakira's net worth in 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira's net worth in 2023 is estimated at a cool $300 million in 2023.

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Why is Shakira so rich?

Shakira's wealth predominantly and obviously comes from her music, both for recording and performing it. She's not only an incredible performer and singer, but she also is a writer or co-writer of almost all of her songs, which means she earns more royalties than other artists who don't have those credits. In 2012, she also signed a $30 million three-album deal with Live Nation and Sony.

In addition to her music revenue, Shakira has had TV endeavors, including as a two-time coach on The Voice and one season on NBC's Dancing With Myself.

Another lucrative revenue source for Shakira? Her endorsements and product lines. She has a perfume line, a longtime endorsement deal with Pepsi and even promoted Crest White Strips and Oral-B (though the oral care endorsement was at least partially for charity).

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Who is richer, Shakira or Piqué?

Shakira is much richer than her allegedly cheating ex beau—the Rolex to his Casio, if you will. Former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué's net worth is estimated at $80 million, a full $220 million less than Shakira's.

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Who is worth more, Shakira or J.Lo?

That would be J to the L-O, hello! Jennifer Lopez has an estimated net worth of $400 million, making her $100 million wealthier than Shakira. A lot of that comes from J.Lo's brand collaborations and endorsements, including her record sales of her iconic Glow by J.Lo fragrances, as well as her clothing, shoe, skincare and beauty lines—plus, being a full-blown movie star. Get the full details on Jennifer Lopez's net worth here.

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How much did Shakira make from "Waka Waka?"

While Shakira's payday for "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" isn't publicly known, the success of the track is: It hit No. 1 in 17 countries, has more than 3.7 billion views on YouTube as of this writing and was the best-selling song of 2010. Written and recorded for that year's World Cup, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

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How much did Shakira make from "BZRP?"

Shakira made history—and a ton of money—from her hit "BZRP Music Sessions #53." A collaboration with DJ and producer Bizarrap, the epic diss track about Piqué had burns so sizzling that it inspired endless memes and Duolingo memberships. And like she sings in the song (translated from Spanish), "Women no longer cry, women get paid." How much?

In just its first weekend of release in January 2023, "BZRP Music Sessions #53" already had more than 122 million streams, earning an estimated $2.5 million at the time alone. Since then, she's made a lot more (granted, she's sharing that with Bizarrap, but still). Blu Cantrell would be proud.

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How much money did Shakira make on The Voice?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shakira made a cool $12 million per season to judge and coach The Voice. She was in Season 4 and Season 6, making her total from the show so far $24 million.

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How much did Shakira sell her music for?

Shakira sold the publishing rights to her catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Fund, Ltd., in 2021. Hipgnosis founder Merck Mercuriadis said in a statement, "What no one should ever take for granted is that Shakira is one of the most serious and successful songwriters of the last 25 years, having written or co-written virtually every song she has ever recorded."

"Being a songwriter is an accomplishment that I consider equal to, and perhaps even greater than, being a singer and an artist," Shakira told Billboard in a statement at the time. "At 8 years old, long before I sang, I wrote to make sense of the world. Each song is a reflection of the person I was at the time that I wrote it, but once a song is out in the world, it belongs not only to me, but to those who appreciate it as well."

Her payday for the sale isn't publicly known, but with 25 years worth of music spanning 145 tracks, including "Hips Don't Lie," "She-Wolf," "Whenever, Wherever" and a slew of Spanish-language songs, it's likely in the same ballpark as Justin Bieber's $200 million catalog sale—which was also a deal with Hipgnosis.

Not included in the catalog sale? Any songs released or recorded after the deal, including her mega-hit "BZRP Music Sessions #53."

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How much did Shakira make from Zootopia?

Shakira's salary for Disney's Zootopia isn't publicly known. She voiced Gazelle in the 2016 film, and her character, like her, is a singer who takes a stand against discrimination and for human rights. Shakira also contributed an adorable song to the hit animated movie's soundtrack, "Try Everything."

The movie was a massive success, earning more than $1.025 billion globally on a $150 million budget, so if she negotiated any box office bonuses, she likely made a mint from the relatively small (but pivotal) role.

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How much did Shakira make from "Hips Don't Lie?"

It's hard to calculate specifically how much money Shakira has made from "Hips Don't Lie," but there's no fighting (ahem) the fact that it's a lot. Since it dropped as a single in 2006, "Hips Don't Lie" is still one of Shakira's biggest hits ever. It hit No. 1 in 21 different countries and sold 13 million downloads globally, and to this day is still breaking streaming records: In September 2022, Spotify celebrated the track getting 1 billion streams on the platform—which didn't even exist when the song was first released.

How much did Shakira get paid for the Super Bowl?

Nada! Shakira and Lopez didn't get a dime to play the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show, but don't cry for them—no one ever gets paid to play at the Super Bowl. Find out why here.

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How much did Shakira make from the World Cup?

Shakira has performed at more World Cups than any other artist ever, first in 2006, then in 2010 (with "Waka Waka"), then again in 2014, the latter of which coincided with her released of "La La La." While her paydays for her performances and songs for the events aren't publicly known, Billboard reports that basically at every World Cup since 2010, "Waka Waka" charts again—so for her, consider it the gift that keeps on giving.

How much does Shakira make a year?

Shakira's annual income varies depending on whether she goes on tour, releases new music, or has other gigs (like the World Cup or The Voice). That said, she's consistently been one of the top earners in the music industry: In 2012, Forbes estimated that she made $20 million, and in 2019, her annual income soared to an estimated $35 million.

How much does Shakira make per concert?

A lot. She made more than $2.8 million for just two shows in Puerto Rico on her The Sun Comes Out World Tour, according to Billboard. For her most recent El Dorado World Tour in 2018, she reportedly made a whopping $76 million.

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