San Diego Zoo Asks AI To Create Animals Based on Their Descriptions and the Results Are Interesting

San Diego Zoo decided to have some fun by asking AI to create animals based on their descriptions instead of their names, and the results were pretty funny! They shared the video on Friday, March 8th and viewers agreed that a couple of the animals were actually adorable!

The first animal the zoo asked AI to create was the aardvark, and it was actually kind of scary looking. Red panda was up next, and I think it's safe to say that most viewers wanted to take home the one AI created. AI missed the mark on the okapi, and just wait until you see AI's rendition of a tiger!

My kids have always thought red pandas were just the cutest, and I think AI's red panda is even cuter! And I'm not alone. San Diego Zoo commenters were in complete agreement. @Shiner Bock got more than 400 likes for the comment, "I want racoon kitty. I am going to name him Rocket. He will be my bestest friend." @Valpal was on point with her comment, "This is the kind of content I want from AI!"

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AI and Animals

This isn't the first time that a zoo has used AI and gotten hilarious results. Waikiki Aquarium asked AI to generate facts about fish but deliver the results using Gen Z slang and it went even better than they expected.

An internet famous dog was given an AI-powered device called Companion to test out, and it was mind blowing. Not only can it provide real-time health diagnostics, but it also provides enrichment and training. And if you think Companion is cool, check out this robot called Hiibo; it's not AI powered but it's a very cool idea. It allows you to see your pet - and talk to it - when you're not home, and it even disperses treats to them!

Will AI allow us to actually talk to our pets one day? Scientists are hard at work using AI to decode animal languages. While it may seem impossible, who knows what will happen in the future.

We recently adopted a puppy, and we've been looking at the Halo collar which uses AI technology and GPS tracking. It's very pricey, but it's a lot cheaper than an invisible fence would be, and being able to know exactly where your dog is if it ever gets lost would be invaluable!

Technology is an amazing thing and is changing the way that we care for our pets. There are health trackers, diet and nutrition apps, and even symptom checkers for when there's something wrong with your pooch. It'll be interesting to see what happens as AI continues to get stronger and stronger.

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