Sadie Robertson breaks down the connection between bold red lipstick and her faith

Sadie Robertston attends the 2016 CMT Music Awards wearing highlighted wavy her and bright red lipstick.
Sadie Robertston attends the 2016 CMT Music Awards wearing highlighted wavy her and bright red lipstick.

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson hasn’t ever been afraid to share her truth — something she did just recently by writing about her passion for a particularly powerful color: red.

“Red is a bold color,” began her Instagram post on the subject. “Boldness has a very strong and vivid appearance. Boldness shows a sense of confidence and courage. When you are bold – you speak up. You mean to be heard. You own your flaws. You run with your strengths. You do not fear failure. You create movement. You do not lead by being pushy – you lead by being passionate. I’ve been thinking about bold faith a lot, and today that’s my prayer for this generation … well actually that’s my prayer for the whole church. That we would be a bold church, a bold family, with bold love, because of our bold faith.”

Since she posted it last week, the 21-year-old reality star’s message has received more than 168,000 likes and more than 700 comments that have generated a conversation around both bold red lipstick and bold faith. One person wrote, “I love red on you but I have to say I like natural better, not everyone can pull the natural no make up look but I’ve always thought you could and you do it so well! But absolutely beautiful either way!” Another chimed in with, “I’ve been praying for courageous boldness and faith to reach the people in my life and at work for God’s glory. I want God to work through me to reach people for his glory and kingdom for his ways are far better than mine.”

Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with the actress and reality star to dive deeper into her passion for the bold hue. “Red has always meant something more to me than just a color,” she explains, adding that she’s gravitated to the hue ever since she wore her first red lipstick and dress. “It screamed confidence to me and took boldness to wear.”

Robertson says she was inspired to share her post on social media because she wanted to empower others to live boldly — and the color red felt like the perfect example of that. “At the place I am at now in life, I’m learning to live boldly, and that message came out of my heart, and I wanted to share it in hopes it would mean something to someone. I know a lot of people struggle with fear and insecurity, and if I can encourage them by using an example of the color red, I thought that would be pretty cool.”

Robertson further believes red connects to her Christian faith. “Just, like, wearing red lipstick is a challenge to myself to press past insecurity; daring to be seen is, as well,” she says. “I think it’s the same with faith. A lot of Christians hide and are afraid to be seen because of the insecurity of being perceived as a stereotype. Because I am confident in my faith and who God is, I choose to clothe myself daily in who I am in him, and want to be seen and known for it.

“I think bold faith provokes hope in others’ lives, and that’s what I hope an Instagram post like the one I made does,” Robertson says. “A lot of my captions are pretty long, and it’s because I truly care for the person reading it on the other side. I hope to see a generation that walks in their faith boldly.”

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